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Every owner loves to decorate his home with houseplants. After all, they make the house even more cozy and comfortable. In addition, they tend to enrich the air with oxygen. However, even constant flower care does not protect flowers from the appearance of harmful insects.

Most of us are probably familiar with such a problem as flower midges. These are black insects that constantly flicker before your eyes and are very annoying. It is for this reason that houseplant lovers are wondering how to get rid of them. In this article, we will try to answer it.

Varieties of midges

To understand what exactly the midges that have settled on your indoor flowers are dangerous for, you need to know their varieties. Let’s talk about the more famous ones.

  • White midges, whiteflies, scale insects

Outwardly, the insect resembles aphids; they prefer fuchsia or begonia plants. And they are found on the back of the leaf, from where they begin to devour the plant.

  • Black midges, sciarids

Preference is given to the root system of the plant – flowers such as ficus, aloe. For a person they create inconvenience, getting into food, water. They make the soil of plants dense and rigid, as a result of which the flowers are not saturated with oxygen and die.

  • Earth fleas, podura

Jumping wingless parasite. They live deep in the soil, where there is a large accumulation of moisture. Harm the roots of the plant. The peculiarity is that when touched, they bounce and move quickly.

Why do they appear?

It can depend on various factors, such as: poor-quality soil, organic fertilizers or plant transplantation.

The main source of insect reproduction is considered to be an excess of moisture in the soil.

Remedies for midges

First of all, it is worth isolating a diseased plant from healthy ones, and only then proceed to pest control.

If you do not want to immediately resort to the use of store chemicals, try folk remedies first – they can be no less effective.

  • Tincture of garlic

To prepare it, take two cloves of garlic, chop it and pour boiling water over it. After cooling, spray plants and soil.

  • orange peels

Place dry crusts in the ground, after which the insects will begin to die.

  • soap solution

Grate 20 g of soap. Pour in a liter of water. After dissolving, spray the plants.

If you prefer to go straight to heavy artillery, pay attention to the popular chemicals.

Of the widely used effective and professional insecticide chemicals, there are:

Dichlorvos and Raptor are the bestsellers. They are often bought because of the low price and fast action. The chemicals will kill all the midges in the spray radius in a short time.

Before use, wear gloves and a mask!


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