In the life of each of us there has been an awkward situation when the usual opening of the door lock becomes impossible. Just imagine: it’s late in the evening on the street, all the neighbors and friends are already sleeping, and you can’t get to your house after a hard day.

The reasons can be very different – you forgot or lost the keys, the lock broke, the door jammed, the key got stuck in the lock and also broke, they don’t open you from the inside for a suspiciously long time.

Sometimes it is necessary to urgently open the door without a key in case of dangerous housing and communal situations: floods, the threat of fire or gas leakage. And, perhaps, one of the most common situations – the door was closed from the inside, and can no longer be opened: this can be done by elderly people or small children.

Or the residents of the apartment deliberately changed the locks so that you would not get inside. In general, there can be many situations, and in each one the ability to open the front door without a key will help out. Sometimes every second is precious and you need to act without delay.

The easiest and cheapest way to get into the room is to call a locksmith who will quickly open the door and keep the lock intact. If you open it yourself, there is a risk of injury, damage to the lock and the door. If you called the master, do not forget that you will need to document the ownership of the apartment being opened: show your passport with a residence permit at this address.

If you decide to act on your own, you can use our advice, but first assess the situation: what type of lock is in the door, what tools are needed to open it.

First try to open it with a similar key. But the chances that completely worn out wells will give in to your key are actually few. Go to the hardware store or borrow a screwdriver, hammer, and pliers from your neighbors.

After removing the decorative trim around the lock, hook onto the protruding cylinder with pliers and swing it until it breaks. Knock out the rest, insert a screwdriver inside and, prying the mechanism, open the lock.

There is another way: drill a hole below the keyhole with a 5 mm drill, then insert a screwdriver instead of the key and turn it to the side – the lock should open. By the way, there are special master keys for cylinder locks on sale – electric pick and pickgun.

If the door slammed from the inside and the key was left in the hole on the back side, take a bank card and insert it between the door and the door frame. Move the card in different directions and try to influence the jammed mechanism. If it starts to move away, press the handle and open the door.

If the door is slammed and does not open precisely because of the latch, turn the handle in different directions, find a hole under the lock handle, insert a knitting needle there and press. The door should open.

The key left inside can be obtained by placing a thick sheet of paper in the hole under the door leaf, but only if it is sufficient. Push the key out with any thin object and pull it out along with the backed sheet of paper.

If a piece of key sticks out of the hole, you can try to pull it out with pliers. If he is stuck deep inside, then arm yourself with a thin jigsaw file.

Insert it under the key with the notches up and try to turn it so as to hook part of the key. Then gently pull the file back along with the chip. Also, superglue will help to open the door without a key. Lubricate the joint of the broken key, press down and try to pull the key out. It will no longer be possible to use it, but you will not have to change the lock.

Determine the model of the device and type “intercom codes” on the Internet. And you can buy a universal key for intercoms on the market.

Before you open the lock yourself, evaluate your capabilities. There is a risk of damaging a door with expensive paneling, an attempt can drag on for several hours and end in complete failure, leaving you exhausted and with a broken door. Soberly assess the likelihood of opening the door, but still call a specialist – today they come even at night.


By Yara

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