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There are many options on how to turn old things into completely new ones or make completely different useful and beautiful items of clothing and accessories out of them. Here are some fun ways to give your favorite jeans a new lease of life!

Jeans are one of our favorite pieces of clothing. Each of us has at least one pair of old pants at home, which we used to really like, but now they don’t look the best or simply don’t sit on the figure. But that doesn’t mean you can’t remake them and use them again.

You can do a lot with an old pair of jeans. Add lace or fabric patches, beads, or even rhinestones and stones. And voila – your favorite thing has never looked so glamorous!

To freshen up the design of old jeans, try using bleach. Simply pour it randomly over your trousers for a splattered effect, or try clean lines.

The second way is to fill a bucket or large basin with water and, wearing gloves, pour the entire bottle of bleach into it in a ratio of about 1:1. Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon and dip the jeans into the water, spreading them so that they lie as evenly as possible. If you want to bleach the entire garment, make sure the entire fabric is evenly covered with water.

For a tie-dye effect, tie the legs with hair ties and leave in the mixture, or try dyeing by simply dropping the bottom half of the legs. About 15-20 minutes after you put them in the mixture (or as soon as you notice that any area has begun to lighten), remove the pants from the bleach, remove the elastic bands, rinse in cold water and lay out to dry. Then wash the jeans separately in the washing machine to get rid of the bleach smell.

This is perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to remodel jeans. Take sharp scissors and decide how long you want to leave. Remember the old saying: “Measure twice, cut once.”

One popular way to recycle denim is to make bags. Cut out 2 leg pieces. If the embroidery, pattern or pocket you are interested in is on the front of the legs, you should keep them together and sew so that the decor is on the outside of the bag. Cut the leg and join the pieces together. Match the back seams together to form a tube. The bottom edge is used as the top edge of the bag. Form a flat bottom of the bag by sewing the corner. Attach handles (use straps or pieces of leather) and you have a cute little bag. If desired, you can add a pocket on the outside or inside and attach a button on top.

This is a great option for kids to get creative with and make each bracelet a special piece of art. Gather supplies first: fun buttons, embroidery thread, and any other embellishments you might have on hand. Then cut the denim into strips. Now comes the fun part – let your kids use their imagination to come up with adorable ways to decorate their bracelets.

Cut out small pieces of denim from jeans and attach them to hook earrings. You can choose rhombuses, triangles and other interesting shapes, and decorate as you wish using glue, beads and rhinestones.

A hanging closet organizer with pockets cut out of old jeans is a great way to make functional use of old fabric. Such a thing creates a place for additional storage, which is easy to access. Cut out the pockets of your jeans close to the sides, leaving some fabric on top (to then attach the pockets to the main fabric). Choose a base fabric, but remember that it should be dense – denim itself will do. Sew the sides, as well as the top and bottom edges. Arrange the pockets on the base fabric as you like and sew them in place. Add one or two loops to hang your organizer on a wall or inside closet door.

A very easy way to make your own desk organizer from a piece of old jeans. Cut out the bottom edge of the leg and sew the corners on the inside so that the bottom is flat. Turn the bag right side out. Fold down the top edge and your organizer is ready to be filled.

Denim fabric is quite dense, and therefore great for making potholders. You can simply sew potholders of the desired shape and size, or you can dream up a little in the style of patchwork. (cut the pieces of jeans in advance and connect them together the way you like).

Cut the front crotch down the middle, leaving the waist section. You need to cut off the front fly and zipper. Cut the back crotch – but don’t cut the seam. Sew the hem and side edges. Attach the straps and tie at the back. You have an apron with pockets.

You can find all sorts of patterns, designs and ideas for making useful household items out of old pants online, or just make up your own! For example, use strips of denim to make a fancy designer rug or patchwork throw for your home.

Denim bibs are durable, easy to clean and easy to make.


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