How to tighten the skin of the neck and get rid of wrinkles at no extra cost
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At one of the presentations, when we were being photographed, a colleague from a friendly publication said: “And now, girls, raise your chins, hide your “Venus rings”. The girl hinted at the wrinkles in the neck, which are similar to the annual rings of a tree. By the way, they can appear even in young girls. Especially for those who abuse the solarium, and on the beach likes to wallow until victorious in the form of a “grilled chicken”.

In general, the skin of the neck is so thin and vulnerable, including in the shower, that it ages earlier than the face. And therefore does not even give out, but gives age. No wonder at some point a number of media personalities begin to tie stylish scarves to hide age-related changes.

Is it possible to protect the neck from premature aging and independently cope with the “rings of Venus”? Experts helped us figure this out.

How the skin of the neck ages, unlike the face

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Unlike the skin of the face, the dermis in the neck area is a delicate creature. Therefore, the first a la age-related changes and the notorious rings of Venus can appear at a young age. But it won’t be noticeable.

The real problems show up around the age of forty. And our carelessness is to blame for everything, because most often we groom and cherish the face, and lose sight of the skin of the neck. As a result, the rings of Venus, which everyone has heard and even seen, become very noticeable.

In fact, the process is aggravated not only by insufficient care, but hormonal changes (for example, with a decrease in the amount of estrogen, the synthesis of collagen and elastin decreases), weight fluctuations due to diets, and obesity.

But the aging of the neck can proceed in different ways, depending on its structure, two types of withering of the dermis are distinguished.

And what about the phone?

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It’s funny, but in our age of gadget addiction, it is the phone or tablet that we bend over three deaths to “cut down” a post on social media. networks or scrolling through the tape, can cause premature skin aging.

How to care for the skin of the neck so that there are no wrinkles and rings

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There are several ways to prevent or reduce the manifestation of the rings of Venus.

Head up

Go in for sports and work out your muscles, keep your head up when scrolling through the feed in the social. networks. It will not be superfluous to work on your posture. A great exercise for those who want to get used to walking with their heads held high is to try walking around the room with a book on your head so it doesn’t fall off. At the same time, a soft gait with feline grace will develop.

Use the right care products

Now there are many cosmetics, including directly for the neck and décolleté area. They contain lipid skin-firming ingredients, moisturizing agents like hyaluronic acid, and whole complexes to strengthen the skin of the neck.

1. Neovadiol Phytosculpt Vichy neck, décolleté and facial contour cream. 2. Lifting cream for neck and décolleté Dr. Pierre Ricaud. 3. Mask 3 in 1 for the neck, face and decollete Ilona Lunden. 4. Daeses Sesderma firming neck gel. 5. Vitamin C Serum Ultra C23+ Firming Concentrate Ultraceuticals.

You can get by with a face cream, it is important not to forget to apply it on the neck. Look for matrikine peptides, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, triglycerides, ceramides, oils, antioxidants in the composition for problems of age-related changes. They will improve the quality of the skin, reduce sagging, strengthen the lipid barrier.

1. Needles no More Neek Sculpting dr. brandt. 2. Aravia neckline lifting cream. 3. Neck cream Arma-Neck Meder. 4. Mask “Clean Skin” from Directalab for deep cleansing. 5. Collagen gel mask for neck Mixit.

If the situation with wrinkles worsens, you can use a course of products with retinol or retinoids.

Apply neck patches

Special neck patches, designed like wide bands that fit like a band-aid and wrap around the neck, or fit behind the ears and lift the chin, will improve the penetration of nutrients into the skin, so it’s good to use them twice a week as masks. And the patch will fix the neck, “teach” to keep your head not so low.”

1. Aveda night mask 2. Skin Studio Stellary chin lifting mask. 3. Serum against the first signs of skin aging YOUTH BOOST SERUM Catrice. 4. Night skin care cream Hyaluron-Filler + Volume Lift Eucerin. 5. Lierac neck cream.

Buy an orthopedic pillow

It fixes the correct position of the neck during sleep, prevents the formation of wrinkles at night.

How to deal with wrinkles and rings in the clinic

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In the event of the appearance of deep wrinkles and pronounced rings of Venus, cosmetologists can quickly correct the situation in several ways.

“Lifting Nefertiti”

The swan neck of Nefertiti went down in history as a standard of beauty. And in order to achieve the ideal, in the presence of wrinkles, cosmetologists use Botox injections. Introducing them at several points, they raise platysma, smooth out wrinkles. “Nefertiti Lifting” is considered a non-surgical tightening of the skin of the neck.

Biorevitalization injections

Hyaluronic acid helps to smooth the skin, prevent it from wilting and slow down the aging process.

Filler injections

Filler injections quickly fill the rings of Venus, visually smooth the skin, nourish and moisturize. Cosmetologists say that the result is pleasing to the eye after 6 to 8 months.

Hardware methods

Used to smooth the skin and stimulate collagen synthesis.


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