The Yandex Market service is a marketplace that offers visitors products from thousands of stores with the ability to compare prices, select the best offer and place an order online. This is faster and more convenient than browsing and studying descriptions of the same products on different sites in search of bargains. Additional savings can be obtained by combining discounted prices in stores with Yandex Market promotions and promotional codes.

Orders placed on the trading platform are stored in its database, which allows you to track their status and movement. To find out if the parcel has been sent and where it is now, it is enough to know the purchase number under which it is registered in the system. Thanks to this convenience, you do not need to contact the store’s customer support or use third-party tracking tools.

How to track an order in your Yandex Market account

To track the status of a purchase on Yandex Market and find out the time of its delivery, you need to:

1 Log in to the client’s personal account. To do this, you can use your Yandex account login and password or a Google account linked to your profile.

2 Go to the “Orders” section. It is located at the top of the page, closer to the right corner.

3 Find the order of interest in the list. In its description, all information about the purchase is indicated, such as the amount, time of registration, payment method, buyer’s contacts. The address of the recipient or point of issue is also displayed there, if pickup is selected. In the places marked in the screenshot, you can see the order number, its status and the approximate time when the delivery will be made.

For more help and tips, you can go to the help pages, links to which are located to the right of the order card.

Order status: types and interpretation

Each order placed on the marketplace is assigned a status indicating the stage of its implementation. It is assigned depending on the actions of the seller or the transport company. There are the following types of statuses on the platform:

  • The order has been created. Assigned automatically immediately after the purchase is made and stored until the enterprise by the store of active actions to complete it. The duration of this stage ranges from several hours to 2–3 days. If the store automatically confirms the bids, the purchase bypasses this stage, receiving the next mark immediately.
  • In the assembly of the seller, is being processed. Assigned after the seller considers the client’s application and proceeds to complete the order. The duration of the stage depends on the availability of goods in the warehouse, the work schedule and the workload of the store. Usually it ranges from several hours to 2-5 days.
  • Transferred to the delivery service. The order is completed and transferred to the transport company for shipment to the buyer. Depending on the method of shipment and its urgency, the stage lasts from 1 hour to 1-2 days. If courier shipment is selected, shortly after assigning this status, an employee of the delivery department will contact you to clarify the details (can the client accept the parcel, in which entrance and on which floor he lives, etc.).
  • Order is on the way. The mark means that the carrier accepted the parcel and sent it to the pickup point. If the store’s own courier service is used for transportation, the order can be delivered on the same day. When sent by mail or other transport company, the shipment may take up to a week, and sometimes (if the recipient lives in a remote area) even more.
  • The date and time have changed. The status means that the carrier cannot deliver the parcel within the previously specified time interval. The status of the order displays the new time of its arrival, and if it does not suit you, you can specify a more convenient date. If it is impossible to change the parameter to a more convenient one, contact the Yandex Market support service or the seller.
  • The new date is being confirmed.
    This mark indicates that the store or transport company cannot fulfill the order within the agreed time. If shortly after that (1-2 days) the status does not change, you need to contact the Yandex Market support service to clarify the details and contact the seller or carrier.
  • At the point of issue. The status is assigned if the parcel arrived at the branch of the transport company or post office. When the order has received this mark, it can be picked up at any working time of the specified branch of the carrier company. The status is not assigned if the delivery is handled by the store’s own courier department.
  • Delivered. The order receives this status if the buyer has taken it and the carrier has confirmed the receipt of the parcel.
  • Awaiting cancellation. The status is assigned if the buyer decides to abandon the purchase. It is held until the seller accepts the application. After that, you can wait for a refund if an advance payment was made.
  • Canceled.
    This mark indicates the confirmation of the rejection by the seller. Once this status is assigned, it may take up to 10-20 days for a prepaid purchase to be refunded, depending on store policy.

In addition to the short status, Yandex Market provides detailed information that is provided in the main block of the order card. There you can see the time of arrival, the selected payment method, the period of storage at the pickup point and other details. The “Product and Seller Information” button displays legal information about the store and a brief description of the purchase.

If the order is still being processed, buttons for canceling it and contacting the seller are available under the description. You can write to the chat to provide additional information that was not specified when applying. Cards of already completed orders contain buttons for re-issuing and returning. The first allows you to quickly buy a product in the same store again, and the second allows you to return the money or request an exchange if the product does not fit, is defective, differs from the description, or for another reason.

How to track orders on Yandex Market without registration

If an order on the site is made without registering and entering a profile, it is impossible to track it in your personal account due to the absence of the latter. To fix this, you need to create an account and link your previous purchase to it. For this you should:

  1. Create a new Yandex Market account or log into an existing account.
  2. Open the email address provided during the purchase and follow the link in the confirmation email. The full name of the buyer and the phone number in the profile must match those indicated when placing the order.
  3. Go to the “Orders” section of your personal account and see the current status of the order.

The second way to track a purchase on Yandex Market made without registration is to use a phone. For this you need:

  1. Open the e-mail specified during the ordering process and find the e-mail with its confirmation.
  2. Find the order number in the message and write it down or keep it in plain sight.
  3. Call the Yandex Market call center at 8 (495) 414-30-00.
  4. Tell the operator the order number and other clarifying information, if requested.

A support agent will check the status of the order and inform you of the estimated delivery time.

How to clear the order history on Yandex Market

Orders made on Yandex Market are stored in the account history after completion or cancellation. There you can also view detailed information about the purchase, issue it again or request a refund if the product does not fit or is defective. The functionality of the platform does not provide for the possibility of deleting orders from the history, so it cannot be cleared on Yandex Market.

If the old purchases on the list interfere or need to be hidden for some reason, the way out of the situation is to create a new account. A more complicated option is to delete a profile from Yandex Market. To do this, you need to fill out an application in writing and send it to the service support service. After considering the request, the employees will fulfill the request, while the unified Yandex account will be preserved.


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