• How to choose a scarf for the winter

  • How to wear a scarf with a down jacket

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When the cold weather comes, our fashionable looks and stylish bows have to be hidden under outerwear most of the time. To remain beautiful even in a down jacket and attract attention, you need to choose and wear accessories correctly.

To choose a suitable scarf, you need to focus primarily on the style and color of your outerwear. If possible, purchase a scarf in a universal color so that it does not look like just one down jacket, but also, for example, an autumn coat or fur coat.

What style to choose a scarf is a matter of taste and habit. They are different: narrow, wide, scarf-collar, or huge as a plaid.


The coloring should be universal, do not choose colorful scarves with bright patterns, lurex, sequins. They are already out of fashion. Give preference to plain scarves or a cage that is fashionable now. You can follow simple rules: for bright and contrasting clothes that you want to highlight, you need to choose a simple plain scarf, and for dark and discreet – vice versa. You can choose a scarf according to the color type of appearance: dark deep shades or pastels are suitable for blondes, and light shades, red, green and blue are suitable for girls with dark hair.

The material from which the scarf is made is best to choose natural. The ideal option would be wool, cotton, silk, cashmere or linen. Such fabrics are pleasant to the body and warm best of all in cold weather.

Everyone chooses the width and length based on their convenience. But a wide scarf can be worn in several ways than a narrow and long one. Choosing a short scarf for the winter does not make any sense, it will be difficult to wrap yourself in it so as not to freeze.


You can wear a scarf with a down jacket by tying it with a collar around your neck, and hide the remaining ends under clothes or leave it hanging outside.

If the weather allows, then the scarf can be worn under an unbuttoned down jacket, and the belt can be pulled with a belt.

If you have a regular rectangular scarf, you can tie it tightly around your neck in the form of a collar, without leaving loose ends.

A voluminous scarf can also be freely thrown over the shoulders without any knots.

And in a huge scarf-plaid, you can completely wrap yourself up and not be afraid of the cold.

Try also tying a scarf instead of a hat. Kill two birds with one stone: both the neck is closed and the head is warm.


You can also wear a scarf with a jacket that has a hood. In one version, tie a scarf tightly under the hood, in the other, wrap it around your neck under your clothes, covering the lower part of your face from the cold.

Choose less bulky scarves so that there is no feeling of “cast” or stiffness in the neck area.


  1. A scarf can become a bright accent in your look if you choose an accessory made of an unusual material, such as fur, or an unusual color – a large bright check.
  2. Now wearing a hat and scarf from the same set is considered bad manners. For example, it is better to choose things of the same color, but of different knitting. And from a set of three scarf, hat and gloves, you should completely refuse.
  3. It is better to wear voluminous scarves for girls with a pear-shaped figure, with the help of it you will balance your shapes. And for girls with broad shoulders, it is better to refuse such a decision.
  4. The scarf can be chosen to match the shoes or handbag.
  5. The especially brave can try to wear two scarves at the same time, but only with a short jacket.
  6. If you put on clothes with a print, then you need to choose a scarf in one of the colors of the print, which is the least.
  7. Try wearing a scarf under your belt like a poncho or cardigan.


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