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In the cold, many girls hide all dresses and skirts in a distant drawer, deliberately refusing the simplest opportunity to keep a feminine look in winter. Of course, there are brave and risky girls who prioritize beauty over health. But this is a priori wrong!

Floor-length skirts or warm midi skirts top our list today. And this is not surprising! Due to their size, they are able to do the most important thing: close all the places that require special care. And what to wear with them for an expressive combination? Dense fabric visually adds volume to your hips, so the best solution is to strike a balance: look at outerwear based on down or with fur inserts.

But coats and thin jackets are no exception! The first is acceptable if the hem of the skirt is not too wide, the second – with a shortened length of the product.


As for situations of not very raging cold, in combination with such a skirt you can wear both shirts with blouses and knitted models. By the way, there is no ban on fur vests or cardigans.

It is this model that is very popular among girls. It’s all about the warm fabric and predominantly high fit. Cropped jackets and jackets are ideal for such a skirt. Sweatshirts can also be used in almost any. Weather conditions are the only basis for choosing!


It’s also perfectly acceptable! The main condition is the length below the knee. In terms of combination, everything is the same: jumpers, knitted sweaters and sweaters, blouses, cropped jackets and fur products.

The ideal fabric option is leather and leatherette. If in hot weather such models can stick to the body and cause discomfort, then in winter they are one of the best.

Color tips also apply to a leather pencil skirt. If you choose pastel colors as the “top”, then you will create a contrasting image between a daring lady and a kind princess.

In fact, it is difficult to name a thing that does not fit under a leather skirt at all. Even cotton products will look incredibly stylish with her!

Do not forget that “warming” makes the image heavy. Boredom and visual volume can be diluted with suitable accessories. For example, a bright scarf or colored necklaces. Long earrings and a watch can also add some extra flair to your outfit!


These skirts are universal, because they are suitable for absolutely everyone. But in their classic version, they are far from the model that can be worn in winter. But it is worth adding thick woolen or cotton tights – and the way to the street in a denim skirt is open for you!

A very stylish solution would be to add a long coat or jacket with fur to this look.


Models made from this fabric look incredibly comfortable. Especially now, when soft knitted sets are becoming more and more dense in fashion. Take a closer look at full-fledged “skirt plus top” sets and you won’t have to think about the right combination.


By Yara

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