• The history of the sweatshirt

  • How to choose a sweatshirt

  • How to wear a women’s sweatshirt

  • How to wear a men’s sweatshirt

Have you bought a sweatshirt or are you just going to buy it, but don’t know what to wear it with? We tell you what to wear it with to look stylish.

The sweatshirt appeared when American football players decided to replace wool sweaters with cotton models. The sweatshirt was produced by Benjamin Russell, and the name was formed from a combination of English words – sweater and shirt. Thanks to this new type of clothing, athletes could move freely and not sweat. To date, the sweatshirt has received its recognition among the mass consumer.

  • Opt for a loose fit. The right sweatshirt should not be tight. And oversized sweatshirts are now at the peak of popularity.


  • Choose your size. The sleeves should end at the brush line, and the sweatshirt itself should cover the back pockets of the jeans halfway.

  • Pay attention to the material from which the sweatshirt is made. Opt for cotton.

  • Also note that the sweatshirt does not need to be washed every day, otherwise you risk getting a stretched thing. Once a week is enough with constant wear.


Despite the fact that the sweatshirt was originally used by men and athletes, it still did not bypass the women’s wardrobe. Do not think that the sweatshirt is only suitable for sports looks, because in fact it can also be used in stylish and dressy looks, which we will share with you.

  • Sweatshirt with black leather leggings. In this image, it is better to choose a sweatshirt to match the leggings, so it will look more stylish. From shoes, give preference to pumps of any color, you can even have a bright shade. If it’s cool outside, you can complement the look with a classic straight-cut coat.

  • Sweatshirt with shirt and jeans. You can create a stylish, but at the same time formal look by wearing a white shirt under a sweatshirt. It is important that the sweatshirt is in the base color and without colorful prints. Leave the shirt untucked and straighten the collar over the sweatshirt. Complete the look with jeans and versatile sneakers. Also during the day, you can update the look by tying a sweatshirt over your shoulders.

  • Sweatshirt with a skirt. For a long time, the combination of sporty and romantic style has been considered relevant, so don’t be afraid to dilute the sweatshirt with a skirt. It can be short or medium length. The image can be supplemented with matte black tights. The options for shoes in this style can be varied: heeled ankle boots, over the knee boots, sneakers, loafers.


We have collected several stylish options for a men’s look with a sweatshirt.

  • For the office. Wear a casual jacket over the sweatshirt and dark-colored jeans underneath. White sneakers or sneakers will complete your look perfectly.

  • For vacation. Put on your favorite t-shirt and shorts, and a sweatshirt on the shoulders will help to dilute the look. By the way, this option will warm you for a walk on a cool evening. Pick up shoes to your taste, the main thing is that it is convenient and comfortable.

  • For everyday life. Undoubtedly, the most common option is a sweatshirt with jeans. Here you can choose any sweatshirt and the most ordinary jeans. And from below any version of the shoe will look, depending on the time of year. It can be sneakers, sneakers, timberlands, deserts, chelsea.

Still thinking about buying a sweatshirt or not? Our choice is definitely yes! It will perfectly fit into your wardrobe, and the images selected in this article will help you always look stylish and fashionable.

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