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Initially, joggers were conceived as an element of sportswear. Even their name from the English “joggin” – jogging – speaks for itself. But the elasticated ankle, high waist, voluminous pockets and the new model in general conquered society, and today joggers can be found as part of a stylish everyday look.

Joggers come in a wide range of colors and styles, making it easy to choose the right pair for you. You just need to know which combination is the most advantageous. And just about this we will tell below.

A striking example of a combination of styles. Sweatpants and casual shoes! The fact is that this combination is suitable for cool weather, so you need to choose certain joggers: from a dense fabric such as velveteen, fleece or cotton. Of course, you can’t do without warm socks, for this you should look at high boots: the ankle should never remain bare!

With joggers, massive shoes with rough soles look great.

As for clothes upstairs, voluminous oversize models, puffy cropped jackets and vests will wonderfully fit in here.


Probably, sport plus sport should not surprise anyone. On the one hand – comfortable loose pants, on the other – elastic pleasant shoes. Everything is logical! It would seem, is it possible to make a mistake here? However, there are still some subtleties.

If you choose voluminous sneakers with a massive sole, then do not forget about the top that matches them. This style is considered “intensely sporty”, so shirts and other elements of an office, more business look will no longer fit here. But casual, classic-cut sneakers are another matter. They can be worn with a turtleneck under a trench or coat, and a bodysuit with a tight-fitting jacket.

Most often they are added to the image when forming the office style. And here it is worth saying only one thing: do not try to make your outfit too strict. You can’t get away from sweatpants, so an excessive emphasis on “efficiency” will be inappropriate. The image should rather resemble a relaxed version and emphasize your message, and not be it one hundred percent.

For example, pumps will perfectly complement patterned jumpers or cardigans. And you can safely add a free “top” in the form of sweaters to shoes and sandals. And don’t forget the waist! No one canceled the proportions and balance, so either add a belt or fill in clothes.


Here the situation almost completely repeats the sock with sneakers. However, the emphasis can already be placed not on the model, but on the colors. Dark or white shoes with skinny joggers are suitable both for the office and for everyday walks. Just don’t wear socks under sneakers. Replace them with traces, and you don’t have to worry.

Avoid wide business-style joggers, but you can add patterns to shoes, and your personal walking outfit already has its own zest.


By Yara

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