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Many people wear socks on the principle of “match the color” or “what difference can it make what is hidden under the bottom of my jeans?”, But in modern times this piece of clothing has developed a kind of etiquette, so let’s figure out exactly how it looks.

Socks first appeared in Ancient Greece in the 6th century BC, and only girls wore them as a pajama item. And only in the 1st century of our time, socks found their place among the men’s wardrobe, and then, having passed through all ages and ethnic groups, they became one of the most popular items of clothing for all segments of the population. Once created for convenience, the thing now serves as an additional accessory for a stylish look. So how not to make a mistake and correctly combine socks with going out?

Definitely! The most important and basic rule: socks should either be high (significantly go up from the shoe line), or be in the form of footprints and hide from any eyes.

Hanging out or being just a couple of centimeters taller is unacceptable! This is especially true for wearing socks with sneakers, as this combination is one of the most popular, which often attracts attention.
Remember! Under no circumstances should you expose your leg, even if you have long trousers or pants.


According to a strict rule, the color of the sock must match the tone of the suit. Not with shoes, not with a bag, and not with a bracelet on his right hand, but with clothes. First of all, with trousers. In rare cases, if we talk about men, it is allowed to match the socks with a tie or chest pocket handkerchief.

In other words, if you chose a dark brown outfit for work today, but decided to wear white shoes, the socks should match the color of the suit. A difference of several tones is not terrible, but do not forget about the measure.

By pairing socks with jeans, slacks or chinos, you can play by your own rules. Here, color harmony is allowed both with pants and with shirts, T-shirts and other elements of outerwear.


If you have a couple of multi-colored socks lying around in your closet, we advise you to pay attention to them. This is especially true for self-confident individuals.
Yes, there is a classic rule for the harmony of colors in an image, but it only works in strict adherence to the dress code! If you know how to follow the boundaries of brightness in your clothes, then feel free to use colorful socks in it.

Moreover, a patterned palette can be worn by both girls and men. The main thing is to have a sense of style.

Of course, first of all, we need warm and soft socks as a warming aid, but in the right combination with clothes, they can qualitatively complement a stylish look.
Of course, they will be appropriate only at certain times of the year: autumn and winter.


Many people say that the answer to the question “Do sandals need socks?” contained in the name of the shoe itself. Like, sandals are called that because they are worn on a BARE foot.

However, today style is our self-expression. There are trends, there are rules, there are recommendations, and there are ways to show your personality to the world! And if you are ready to be in the center of increased attention, but at the same time do not want to fall victim to a stylistic catastrophe, then you should know some subtleties.

First, a uniform texture. Rough socks with sharp elastic bands will not fit under sandals.

Secondly, the color of the socks can be matched to match the shoes, but one way or another, they should be at least a little different, and not merge with it.

Thirdly, if you choose socks with a print, line up to fit it into the patterns of your clothes.

Fourthly, when you choose socks that contrast shoes in color, it is worth remembering that they take on a big accent, which shortens the leg and visually makes us smaller. To avoid this, you need to “harmonize” socks either with clothes or with skin tone.


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