• How to wear sweatpants for women

    • With a jacket

    • With tunic blouse

    • With sweatshirt and oversized sweatshirt

  • What to wear with sweatpants: outerwear

    • Down jacket

    • Classic wool coat

    • Sheepskin coat aviator

    • Fur coat

  • What to wear with sweatpants: shoes

    • Sneakers

    • Ankle boots

    • Timbers

We have three reasons to wear sweatpants not only to the fitness room. We list: it is convenient, very convenient, amazingly convenient! We think it sounds convincing. The main thing is not to choose a total sports bow, but to combine it with blouses, jackets, sheepskin coats and classic coats. How? We have prepared for you options with what to wear sweatpants in winter.

Be extraordinary and original. Everyone wears sweatpants with hoodies and sweatshirts, but we’re going the other way. Match your sweatpants with a white office shirt, especially the brave ones can wear not a female, but a male version – with a sharp, stiff collar. Throw a long jacket over the shirt. You can choose from fine wool, boucle or jersey to match the trousers. But do not limit yourself, try all the models that are in your wardrobe. Shorter models will also look good. The original version: a textured Chanel-style jacket with sweatpants and a plain T-shirt.

Complement the look with a tote bag and insulated loafers, cover your ankles with bright printed and plain socks – the number one trendy bow is ready. It remains only to catch the admiring glances of your colleagues.

And this option is at the peak of popularity this season. Complement your sweatpants with an elongated blouse with sleeves. For a casual outing, flannel options without additional decor are suitable. If you plan to be at a party after work, pay attention to silk models to match your sweatpants. Ankle boots with a steady heel will complete the look. But we do not recommend options on a thin hairpin – this combination is considered obsolete.

Recent years have passed under the motto: “two sizes” more. If you do not want to lag behind fashion trends, leave the models of sweatshirts and sweatshirts for a figure until better times. For a pair of sweatpants, choose voluminous options to match. It is better if the top is made of natural materials with fleece to keep you warm even in severe frost.


A classic combination is to wear a down jacket for such a set. But a down jacket is different for a down jacket. The fitted model will not fit. With an eye on modern trends, give preference to wide duvets. Experiment with color. Let the gray mélange of sweatpants pair with fuchsia or neon yellow. A sporty bottom with a voluminous down jacket-bomber will look good.

Restrained, fashionable and appropriate for a trip to the office and an evening out. Sweatpants look amazingly stylish with a straight classic coat model. Choose natural materials and natural shades: black, white, sand, dark blue. In the case of a coat, it is better to do with a restrained range.

Warm and very stylish. This version of the top will not allow you to freeze, but it will look original. Under the “aviator” put on an oversized sweatshirt or sweatshirt with a hood.

As in the case of a coat, choose straight models from short fur. For a fur coat, combine sweatpants with a silk blouse.


Quite the expected combination. Only sneakers are not any, but insulated with wool, fur or synthetic material that can warm even in severe frost. The top is leather or suede, in the case of artificial materials, there is a danger of cracks and creases. The sole should be taken higher so as not to freeze the feet, and textured so as not to slip on the ice.

A little higher, we already mentioned this option. Models with a stable heel, with a round toe made of suede or leather, are suitable for sweatpants.

This option is more suitable for country trips. This model will not let your feet get wet, freeze, and a comfortable shoe seems to provoke long walks.


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