“I gained weight after the weight loss procedure”: what Linda Evangelista really hides and why does she need a show
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This model once said she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000. Her contracts amounted to huge sums. Linda has been on the crest of the fashion wave for a long time, but after 50 years she went into circulation. To regain youth and beauty, she underwent plastic surgery, injections, and decided to sculpt her body using the cryolipolysis procedure on the ZELTIQ Aesthetics CoolSculpting machine. It appeared in 2015, and Evangelista was one of the first to cross the threshold of the beautician’s office to try out the newfangled procedure.

CoolSculpting became a trend, everyone liked the results after, and Linda, according to her, saw the opposite effect. Instead of the promised harmony, she received extra pounds. And now, surprisingly, I was going to sue the manufacturer of the device just now. Evangelista wants to get rich, having received a tidy sum of damage – no less than 50 million dollars.

Why didn’t she do it sooner? Or did the model simply decide to loudly remind herself of herself, because everyone forgot about her a long time ago? The last time they wrote was in 2016, just when the Evangelista became very stout.

We decided to ask the experts if it is possible to gain weight after a fashionable weight loss procedure? Or is Linda just a hype, deciding to draw public attention to her half-forgotten person, and yes, to make money on the scandal?

What is the essence of the cryolipolysis procedure

Linda Evangelista, 1994

The procedure that Linda did became very popular. Many who have gone through cryolipolysis call it an alternative to liposuction (although in fact it is not). Rehabilitation is minimal, and the risks, as it seemed.

Irina Tveretinova

Is it possible to gain weight after such a procedure

Linda Evangelista, 2015

Linda Evangelista, 2014

Everything seems to be running smoothly with this kind of cryolipolysis. And it gives results, and acts according to an understandable scheme. But can this scheme be broken, and a person gain weight? Experts note that the reason for this is either the fault of the person himself, or the processes occurring in the body, which are not affected in any way by cryolipolysis.

David Grishkyan

True, recently, the device manufacturer itself has really begun to record the opposite effect after the procedure, but the percentage of victims is very small.

Irina Tveretinova

What could really happen to Linda

Linda Evangelista, 2013

Linda Evangelista, 2016

In the register of side effects on the official website of the manufacturer of devices for this type of cryolipolysis, fatty hyperplasia appeared not so long ago. And yes, the manufacturer noted that he bears all the costs for the damage caused. Therefore, the story of Linda raises a number of questions.

In every interview, she now says that in 2015 she just developed fatty hyperplasia after the procedure. True, Evangelista was inflated as a whole, and not locally, where cryolipolysis usually does.

If you look at her photo before the procedure, there is a feeling that the model has already entered the menopause. She looked edematous, plump, and not a slender doe, and not locally, but all over her body fat deposits are visible there.

For a long time, experts wondered what happened to Evangelista, they said that she had diabetes, sworn friends broadcast that due to the lack of contracts, she began to seize stress. And you know, it’s very similar. It is her passage that leads to strange thoughts.

Why did Linda decide to sue now, when fatty hyperplasia appeared in the register of side effects, why was she silent for 6 years? Experts suggest that all responsibility for the figure lies with Linda herself, because the side effect of the procedure cannot look like this, and the model just wants to draw attention to herself.

Irina Tveretinova

David Grishkyan

Valentina Ischenko

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