We are sure that when the moment comes to rearrange the furniture at home, many people think about which way it is better to sleep with their heads, even if they do not believe in all signs. By the way, there are not many of them. In the text, we understand how to sleep from the point of view of yoga, feng shui, in which direction of the world.

In fact, there are not many rules that should be followed in this matter. For example, some refer to feng shui in this matter.

It is important not only in which direction your head is turned, but the space around. It is divided into eastern and western, like the people themselves.

To determine which type you are, you need to add the last two digits of your year of birth. If the number is two-digit, then add it again. For men, subtract this number from ten, and those born after 2000 from nine. In the case of women, the resulting number is added to five, and in girls – to six. If the result is five, it changes to two for men and eight for women.

Eastern type of people: numbers 1, 3, 4, 9. They should sleep in the south, southeast, north directions.

Western type of people: numbers 2, 6, 7, 8. They should sleep in the northeast, northwest, southwest and west directions.

In such a situation, sleep with your head to the northeast, as your health will become stronger, and relationships with people will improve. This theory is connected with the fact that in Eastern philosophy the energy in the body moves from the head to the feet, from the south pole to the north.

However, Vedic philosophy refutes this. According to another version, sleeping with your head to the north negatively affects energy, and to the west – deprives you of the influx of strength. According to the Vedas, the head should be directed to the south or east. In such a situation, the energy of the planet will envelop a person in a cocoon and help replenish the forces lost during the day.

But according to the science of “vasta”, which studies the attraction of positive energy into the house, you can not sleep with your head to the north, northeast and northwest.

They have different rules. If you sleep with your head to the east, you can develop spirituality, achieve inner harmony, to the south – strengthen your health, to the west – you will become an egoist, to the north – you will be selfish and cruel.

So, it is important to note a few points on the cardinal points.

  1. The head to the north will help to achieve internal energy, strengthen health and relationships in the family.
  2. Head to the west – your creativity will be activated, it will attract inspiration and positive energy.
  3. Head to the east – will make you more purposeful, you will believe in yourself and your strengths.
  4. Head to the south – the body will be energized, and you will be able to program yourself for good luck in your career.
  5. Head to the northeast – will allow you to relax and recover.
  6. Head to the southeast – will help in the fight against complexes and self-doubt.

However, there are other rules that are usually not supported by anything.

  1. Do not sleep with your feet or head against the door.
  2. Don’t go to bed with your head to the windows.
  3. Don’t put your bed in front of a mirror and don’t watch your reflection.
  4. Buy a bed with a back, as it will protect against negative energy.

Keep track of your condition. Perhaps in some position you do not get enough sleep, you feel overwhelmed in the morning. Then it’s worth experimenting. By the way, you can even buy a round bed to sleep with your head in any direction.


By Yara

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