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The second season of Beniffer, after a long 17-year break, went well to the public. Fans and just couch critics do not miss a single “new series” as they watch the rapidly developing relationship between Ben and Jennifer. The former believe that it is possible to enter the same river twice, the latter claim PR. Thanks to this understatement, “Beneffer” can compete in the ratings with the once popular saga “Game of Thrones”.

Some insiders, allegedly close to the star couple, tell the press various fables, often getting confused in the testimony. Some argue that the guys have matured, after unsuccessful marriages and a series of strange novels, they have found a kindred spirit. Others that Lopez is helping Ben revive his former popularity, otherwise in recent years he has greatly passed, both externally and professionally. The new-found love union drew attention to the work of each of the couple, and also allowed them to significantly replenish bank accounts, because advertising contracts and interesting offers on this romantic wave were not long in coming.

The “doves” also helped each other’s projects. Ben drew attention to the new film Lopez, she to the tape, where Affleck acted as both an actor and a producer.

Couch critics argue that love and chemistry between Jennifer and Ben is not visible. She skillfully plays passion and happiness for the camera, but he tortures emotions out of himself, looks gloomy and angry all the time.

It leaves a lot of questions and the fact that every step of the couple is recorded not only by the paparazzi, but also by the personal photographer Lopez, who often travels with the guys not only to events, but also, say, to fitness. By the way, passionate hugs and kisses on the deck of the yacht, which spread all over the media, were staged by Lopez’s assistant.

Despite some theatricality of this relationship, Jennifer is increasingly fueling rumors about her engagement to Ben. For example, she opened up in an interview with host Ellen DeGeneres that she had long been ready to go down the aisle again. By the way, the rehearsal has already taken place in the iconic for Lopez rom-com “Marry Me”, which was released not so long ago.

Strange as it may seem, new rumors were fueled by Jennifer’s manicure, which she recently demonstrated at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Fans, although they did not find the ring on the cherished finger, dubbed the design wedding. And now they are on standby.

Jennifer Lopez:

What is the peculiarity of manicure

Photo: instagram*

The design was created by permanent nail stylist Lopez Tom Bachik. He gave the star almond-shaped nails, fashionable this season, highlighted the smile line in white, adding a voluminous strip, which he created with the help of golden glitter varnish. This is a self-sufficient manicure that looks expensive and without jewelry, plus lengthens the fingers and makes the hands more elegant.

How to create a manicure

1. Apply the base on the nails, then a light pink polish.

2. Highlight the smile line with white varnish, wrap the bottom smile line with a thin strip of glitter varnish in two layers, or three, so that it looks voluminous.

3. Then apply a glossy top coat on top. It will add extra shine and fix your design.


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