As we have noticed, everything that was fashionable in the past is becoming relevant today. Lantern sleeves are no exception to this, which were especially loved by the girls of those times and fashionistas of the present. Lantern sleeves are a smart accent that will give your look femininity and lightness. Things with such sleeves can rightly be called universal; They go with any bottom and perfectly emphasize the waist.

The sleeves got their name because of the unusual style – voluminous air assemblies and was fixed in the language because of the visual similarity. The history of lantern sleeves begins in the 19th century with the spread of the Empire style. The dresses of medieval ladies looked expensive and rich precisely because of such sleeves. Now, “lanterns” are more associated with dresses for delicate princesses from fairy tales.

In the 80s, elegant lantern sleeves returned to replace clothes with massive square shoulders, but interest in them did not last long. The softness of such sleeves remained either on wedding dresses or on children’s dresses. Closer to the 00s, the denial of lantern sleeves was replaced by a great interest in them. Fashionistas began to actively use voluminous sleeves in their images. Then and now puff sleeves are the trend of the seasons.

Puff sleeves and high collar

The combination of lantern sleeves and a collar under the throat is a win-win and very fashionable option for a bow. These elements will make your image more sensual and elegant. Turtleneck blouses with voluminous puffed sleeves will look great with midi and mini jeans and skirts.


A dress with such details can be worn both in everyday life and used on the way out. It’s all about the fabric: if the dress is tight, then most likely it will be suitable for celebrations, and if it is made of light fabrics, then this is definitely a casual style.

Open shoulders and puffed sleeves

It is worth paying attention to the main trend of 2020-2021 – blouses with bare shoulders and puffed sleeves. It can be worn with miniskirts, high-waisted, pleated or wrap skirts. Shorts, jeans and trousers will also work and look just as good. Sandals, sandals, shoes, ballet flats, clogs are suitable for shoes. You should not remove sneakers and sneakers from the accounts.

Puff Sleeves and Office Look

We put on a classic cut blouse with accentuated voluminous sleeves for work. For an office bow, we choose the top from a range of calm and delicate shades. If we talk about bright colors and prints, then all of them are quite relevant for blouses with puffed sleeves this season.

Puff-SleeveDress – puff sleeve dress


Puff-Sleeve Dress – puff sleeve dress is another hot trend of the season. This is a loose and light midi dress with very puffy sleeves. When choosing, pay attention to the white color and the so-called ivory (that is, the color of ivory). Neutral bottoms and bright sandals are the best combination. Don’t you think that this is the perfect style for figures after self-isolation?

The main thing when choosing clothes with large sleeves is to pay attention to their appearance (for example, it can be puffs, corrugations or the same lanterns). An incorrectly chosen sleeve can both emphasize the merits and flaunt the flaws of your figure. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way. The choice of things depends on many parameters, so be careful and love yourself.

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