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In the spring, a small bob returns to the stage – a haircut with a straight cut just above the chin line and thinning. This is its difference from a blunt bean. Stylists say that a small caret a gift for owners of curly hair, because it is best viewed on them.

The little bob has returned to fashion in the wake of endless lockdowns that are still going on in a number of European countries. However, not only he, but also all options for short haircuts, which in isolation or partial isolation are good because they will grow for a long time.

For the first time, a small bean appeared far from this spring. And those who say that they have already seen this haircut somewhere do not suffer from deja vu. They really saw it, because in history a small square has already met several times.

When the little bean appeared

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The small bob haircut was the cutie mark of the flapper girls who revolutionized the Roaring 20s. These rebels fought for equality with men, and, by the way, they achieved a lot in this field, and they themselves demonstrated free “male” behavior.

The girls stood for free love, smoked, listened to forbidden jazz, wore, oh horror, skirts above the knee, and defiantly cut their long hair – a sign of obedient exemplary housewives.

They made flappers little bob, which was curled in curls in the French style. By the way, a fan of the style of these girls was a great Coco Chanelwho herself wore a “small” caret.

In the 21st century, this haircut was popularized by Audrey Tatu, or rather her character Amelie from the film of the same name. In the 2000s, it was enough to come to the hairdresser and say: “I need Amelie’s haircut,” and the stylists understood what they were talking about.

Photo: instagram*

Photo: instagram*

The heroine Audrey wore a haircut with baby bangs (much higher than the level of the eyebrows). It is often done on little girls because it takes longer for the hair to grow back and not straight to the eyes.

With such a bang and a haircut, Amelie looked funny and childishly cute, to match her behavior. But stylists recommend not to focus on this image, and not to do baby bangs.

Best of all, the haircut looks in tandem with a “curtain” bang. This long bang is below the level of the eyebrows, which I recommend twisting and moving apart on the sides, by analogy with a curtain.

Who will go for a small bob haircut

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Photo: instagram*

Owners of curly hair such a haircut was ordered by nature itself. Although some stylists are not so optimistic. They advise not to insist on a fashionable bean, but to listen to the opinion of the hairdresser, because the little bob is not always flattering to the image. This is especially true for girls with a square face.

But there are hairdressers more free from stereotypes who insist that a haircut suits everyone, you just don’t need to pay attention to all sorts of conventions. If you want, go ahead and do it.

This haircut is easy to wear because it does not require special styling. If you have curly hair, just apply a structuring cream and blow-dry your hair. With straight strands, it is enough to apply a salty spray and dry the hair with a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle.


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