The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion addressed to the topic of material goods and household appliances. The Russians found out which things are difficult for them to refuse, and which ones are not particularly needed.

It turned out that The most necessary thing among gadgets and household appliances is a washing machine. 46% of survey participants cannot imagine their life without it. Among women, more than half – 60% – consider the typewriter the most useful invention, for men, the car became the leader.

The second place was taken by the smartphonewithout which 44% of citizens cannot imagine themselves and their lives. And on the third – the Internet.

The top 8 most useful things also included: a car, TV, which was necessary for 25% of respondents, a computer and a laptop, without which 21% of Russians will have a hard time, and in last place – books.

Young people under 24 do not fully agree with representatives of other age groups. So, young men and women called the Internet the most necessary and useful, for which 66% voted, and a smartphone with 65%. Next in priorities is a computer with a laptop and a washing machine, which closes the top 5.

For Russians over 60 years old in the ranking of valuables after the washing machine is the TV, and the smartphone is in third place. It is necessary for 32% of citizens. In this age group, more often than in the rest, among the things that are difficult to refuse, books were named.
19% of citizens will have difficulty without reading.

Previously, VTsIOM disclosed non-material priorities and values ​​of Russians. It turned out that a third of citizens cannot imagine their life without work, another 15% have relatives and friends in the first place. Electronic devices and gadgets were important for 13% of survey participants.

Psychologist Ekaterina Davydov then noted that the distribution of values ​​is consistent with Abraham Maslow’s concept of needs, depicted in the pyramid. Work “closes” the basic needs – physiology and safety, which is why it is so important to many. Communication with family and friends allows you to satisfy the need for love and belonging to a group.


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