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Every year in the summer, summer residents are warned about the fines that threaten them if the plots are misused. So, on six acres, you can’t accumulate garbage, wash and repair a car, and also allow grass to grow as it pleases.

According to lawyer Elena Kuderko, the duties of summer residents necessarily include garbage collection, destruction of dry vegetation, and mowing grass.

“This requirement is secured by a fairly high fine – up to 50 thousand rubles, if the owner of the land has not complied with the order to clear the territory,”

– said the lawyer.

Open fire is prohibited, Kuderko continued. Although there are nuances in this matter. So, garbage can be set on fire in a pit no less than 20 cm deep and no more than a meter in diameter. It should be dug at least 50 meters from the house, baths and other buildings, 100 meters from coniferous trees and 3 meters from deciduous ones. It is also allowed to dispose of unnecessary items in a fire-resistant container with a volume of up to 1 cubic meter. Important: cover such a container with an iron sheet. You can place it twice as close to objects as in the case of a pit. The same requirements apply to the barbecue.

But if a special fire regime is declared in the area where the dacha is located, or the site is located on peat soils, it is strictly forbidden to make a fire, the lawyer emphasized.

Another type of activity that is regulated by law in the country is car washing and repair. It is forbidden to do this on a personal plot, since there is a high risk of soil contamination with oil products. If serious damage is revealed, the fine can reach 10,000 rubles, the Prime agency reports.

Kuderko drew attention to the fact that it is also forbidden to drill an artesian well on the site, which reaches the aquifer. If such an object is discovered, then the owners of the dacha will be obliged to liquidate it at their own expense.


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