Every year the possibilities of plastic surgery are improved, which allows performing operations with a high rate of efficiency and accuracy. The latest techniques used by leading experts expand the possibilities of correcting various parts of the body and make surgical interventions less traumatic.

Our expert Pavel Golovanevplastic surgeon, cranio-maxillofacial surgeon, leading specialist in cranioplasty, full member of the OPREH, EAFPS, EACMFS, talks about new trends in plastic surgery that are in great demand today, including by Hollywood stars.

Among adherents of improving appearance, operations are gaining popularity, which were previously performed in most cases only for medical reasons.

Aesthetic cranioplasty

More recently, cranioplasty was most often performed after traumatic brain injuries. Surgical manipulations saved people from old scars and corrected bone defects. Today, this operation began to be addressed not only for medical, but also for aesthetic reasons.

Thanks to 3D modeling and minimally invasive methods of execution, it became possible to:

  • make the shape of the skull more convex, thereby eliminating flattened areas;
  • to carry out changes that correct the shape of the forehead, the back of the head;
  • correct moderate asymmetry in the shape of the head in its various areas;
  • get rid of the shortcomings that arose during the previously performed restorative cranioplasty.

Pavel Golovanev

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In each individual case, only the experience and responsibility of a specialist can determine the possibility of aesthetic correction of the shape of the skull and the methodology for its implementation.

Aesthetic correction is mainly resorted to in the case of even small contour defects on the cranial vault. They are corrected not only by contouring, but also by using various individual implants. Such a defect can be corrected with the help of lipofilling.

Sometimes a cranioplasty specialist is asked to reduce the shape of a forehead that is too large, in the opinion of the patient. Many people think that such surgery is dangerous. In fact, the risk of the operation is small, but the amount of work makes you wonder if it is necessary to start all this just for the sake of aesthetic correction? However, if the matter is not only in aesthetics, but, for example, an injury was received and there are medical indications for surgery, then, of course, it is possible to eliminate defects.

There is an opinion that the operation to correct the bite also refers to cranioplasty, which is not entirely true. Correction of malocclusion is an orthognathic operation, and this is a completely different story.


Europeanization of appearance / face / eyelids

The European type of face is not only wide-open eyes, but also a narrow chin, a certain shape of the cheekbones, as well as other small elements that complement each other and make the features more characteristic of the European race.

After some interventions, the girl’s face becomes softer, prettier. The strong-willed chin of a man gives its owner visual masculinity, firmness.

Achievements in plastic surgery in the field of blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, various kinds of facial implantation, extraction of Bish’s lumps, the use of fillers help the cosmetologist to correct the face in the given parameters, while creating a completely new image.

For example, a famous Hollywood actress Lucy Liu, perhaps also succumbed to the influence of the trend and resorted to Europeanization of appearance. The actress herself claims that she has never made any plastic, but it is unlikely that the girl’s appearance is supported only by good sleep and high water consumption, which she loves to tell reporters and fans about.

As for our multinational country, the trend towards Europeanization is also present in it. It is a mistake to believe that only girls with an “oriental” type of appearance perform such operations. Representatives of completely different nationalities turn to surgeons with a request to change the shape of the chin, make more “open” eyes, and reduce the width of the face. This is the Europeanization of appearance.

However, you should be careful. Each surgeon has his own technique, so you need to contact an experienced specialist.


body sculpting

An ideal body with chiseled curves and delightful shapes is another trend of modern plasticity. Doctors come to the aid of such methods as liposuction and lipofilling. Complementary operations make it possible to remove excess fat cells from certain parts of the patient’s body and, after specific treatment, introduce them into areas requiring correction (buttocks, breasts, etc.).

Not only girls resort to body sculpting. A strong half of humanity can successfully achieve the desired “relief” by contacting a plastic surgeon. During body sculpting, fat is removed from the area of ​​its excessive deposition: zones of the lower back, abdomen, shoulders.

With this operation, the figure becomes more contoured and elegant. This fat can be used to increase those areas that require volume. As a rule, this area is the buttocks. In our country, wide volumetric forms of this part of the body are not accepted, but in general there is a tendency for girls to start thinking more and more about the pronounced, emphasized shape of the buttocks.

The result after the operation largely depends on the specialist. The actions of a professional brought to perfection do not cause much discomfort to his patient, provide an optimally short rehabilitation period and an ideal result.

Body sculpting is one of the most sought-after operations among foreign stars. Most likely, a socialite also resorted to lipofilling of the buttocks Kim Kardashian. Of course, the star denies everything, but the “most discussed buttocks” still raise a lot of doubts about their naturalness among specialists.

There is an erroneous opinion that after body sculpting, you can “lie like Emelya on the stove” and do nothing. Actually it is not. This operation is closely related to sports and fitness. Three weeks after the operation, you can already gradually start cardio training. The operation is not a panacea for all ills, but an incentive and motivation for leading an active lifestyle. Physical exercise supports the result that the patient receives from the operation.

If after the operation you do not play sports, then in six months you can again see the hated fat deposits on the abdomen and thighs. However, everything is good in moderation. Training should not be intensified, you should not drive yourself, but they should be regular. Also, do not neglect a healthy diet. Only in this case, beautiful sports forms are preserved for a long time.

Combined operations

Surgical interventions to restore the shape of the body after childbirth, with a sharp weight loss, remain very popular. In this case, several steps are performed simultaneously. For example, the shape of the breast is corrected (mastopexy) and problems in the abdomen and hips are eliminated.

The simultaneous use of anesthesia and the combined rehabilitation period suits patients very much, allowing them to recover faster and with minimal risk.

The possibilities of plastic surgery make it possible to create miracles with the hands of a virtuoso master. And the attention, responsibility and sincere interest of a professional make operations psychologically acceptable and calm.


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