Lina Dembikova
Photo: from the personal archive of Lina Dembikova

The question of how to celebrate the New Year, 2021, is relevant, despite the fact that, due to objective circumstances, many will celebrate the holiday at home. The more valuable is the advice from our constant expert, celebrity stylist, host of the Reloaded program on the TNT channel Lina Dembikova.

This time we are waiting for a special New Year. Despite the fact that there will be no high-profile parties and we will spend the holidays in a narrow circle of relatives, friends and relatives, this does not mean at all that we should ignore the festive mood. It’s worth dressing up, and how! I suggest: home-style glamorous. Let’s talk about super-unexpected New Year’s and cozy looks for a house party.

Lina Dembikova
Photo: from the personal archive of Lina Dembikova

For a chamber corporate party

Trouser suit + massive jewelry. Do you have a corporate party at work for a limited circle of people? Are you completely unprepared for elegant sequins and sparkle of rhinestones? I propose to focus on jewelry. We take a laconic pantsuit and add eye-catching jewelry: a rhinestone choker, a large pendant on a chain, long earrings with glass beads or many rings. If the suit is of a calm color, then the lips can become the central element of the image – they can be made bright, dark, even with sparkles.

Big family dinner

Satin skirt + sweater or turtleneck. If you want to dress both feminine and warm at the same time, then this combination is ideal. My recommendation: keep the image in a monochrome palette. But at the same time, the shades of the skirt and top should differ from each other by a tone or two. A shiny satin skirt will add luxury to the look, and a minimalistic top will “calm down” the set a little. As for accessories, here you can both boldly go into minimalism and “walk around” to the fullest.

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At a fashion party

Dress in stretch fabric with lurex. If you are still planning a holiday in the circle of fashionistas, then I advise you to play big – choose laconic models from brilliant textures. You will be surprised, but Lurex is back in fashion. Therefore, without any fear, wear a comfortable dress with a slight sheen. Opt for draped styles to accentuate your waist and define your silhouette. The most daring can complement the lurex dress with tights with a shining effect.

With friends

Velvet is a very suitable material for a New Year’s party. An incredibly comfortable velvet suit is perfect for celebrating the New Year with friends. And it looks luxurious, and does not hinder movement, you can dance in it, play charades or sing until the morning. This rich and textured material looks great with gold jewelry, bright eye makeup and dark lipstick.

In the country

Photo: Legion-Media

Sequined skirt + sweater or top. For a country party, I offer a brighter option. Sequins are a favorite decoration for the winter holidays. A skirt with sequins is universal, it will come in handy for you later, throughout the year. For a festive night, pair it with a sweater, cardigan or silk top. Support the glitter of the skirt with shining earrings or a necklace. And in the summer you can safely wear such a skirt with a white shirt or hoodie.

New Year in a hoodie

Hoodie + leggings + pumps + belt. Modern fashion is full of new combinations. Now there are no clear boundaries between styles. Sports pieces are easy to mix with vintage jewelry, and leggings are easy to mix with dressy blouses. Remember my favorite combination: hoodie with leggings, pumps and a belt to define the waist. Don’t forget the big decorations. Comfortable, original and very stylish. You can celebrate the New Year and in this form!

Cinderella in the city

Photo: from the personal archive of Lina Dembikova

Satin dress + jacket. If you, like Cinderella, have plans only until midnight, then I offer you this option. Elegant and light look. Satin dress looks great on any figure. The main thing is to choose a free model without unnecessary decorative details. A jacket, tuxedo or fur coat will help to add urban chic. Complete the set with sandals with glass beads fashionable this season, pick up a pouch bag and do a careless styling. Jewelry for this image I recommend minimalistic.

Top styling tips:

1. On New Year’s Eve at home – no beige tights. This is a bad manners for a long time. Bare feet only! If you need to give your legs a tan color, use the so-called liquid tights or cream with a tan effect.

2. Do not overdo it with makeup. This season, a natural make-up with sparkles on the eyes and cheekbones is in trend.

3. Cozy looks combined with textured elegant elements are the main trend of the season. A mix of everyday and festive will be very relevant all next year.


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