Raincoat Nominee. Price: 14 999 rubles. Nominee dress. Price: 7599 rubles.

On the singer Slava:

  • Nominee raincoat
  • Nominee dress

The popularity of eco-leather clothing is only gaining momentum. This material has firmly entered into all fashion collections and is gaining more and more fans every season. What is the secret of the popularity of eco-leather? First, it looks stylish and modern. Secondly, it is very practical, does not fade in the sun, does not let water through, does not deform, there are no scuffs on it, like genuine leather. In addition, it has a microporous structure that allows air to pass through. And the main trump card is environmental friendliness. More and more people today pay attention to environmental problems. In the manufacture of artificial material, animals do not suffer. And for many, this is an important argument. Singer Slava, for example, is also increasingly choosing eco-leather clothes for herself. For example, an elegant light raincoat from the brand Nomineewhich will look great with a rich emerald green dress of the same brand.

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Via Venet coat. Price: 11 999 rubles. Bag ALDO. Price: 5899 rubles.

On the model:

  • Via Venet coat
  • Bag ALDO

One of the most popular this season is the chocolate color. Many brands (eg. ALDO and Via Veneto) were inspired by its shades. After all, this rich, deep color is distinguished by its special, noble beauty. Perfectly replaces the already boring black. Well suited for everyday looks in casual style, and for business suits in the office, and for special occasions. The main advantage of this dark brown shade is that it is versatile, goes well with any colors. For example, with white and milky – incredibly elegant. Chocolate paired with gray and pink is very beautiful. An ideal neighbor for all shades of yellow, including honey and mimosa, as well as green – from pistachio to emerald. Chocolate looks especially good with caramel, because it is not for nothing that this delicious combination is often found in pastry shops! In general, chocolate this fall will give a great mood, warm with its warmth and charge with positive energy!

Topical vests

Knitted vest Nominee. Price: 4599 rubles.

Monari vest. Price: 22 999 rubles.

On models:

  • Knitted vest Nominee
  • Waistcoat Monari

Vests and sleeveless jackets have been in trend for several years. Fur, leather, denim. This fall, fashionistas definitely cannot do without a woolen or quilted vest. It will not only warm, but also help create a spectacular look. Designers suggest wearing it with shirts, sweatshirts, jeans and trousers. This season, stylish vests can be found in Shopping Live at brands Nominee,
Calin Doux, Finnflare, Monari. Multi-layered images are especially relevant. Long V-neck vests elongate the silhouette. This is a great option for those who have magnificent forms. And shortened models are more suitable for those who can boast of harmony. A properly selected vest can not only warm you, but also emphasize the dignity of the figure, hide the flaws.

Attention to knitwear!

A la Tete sweater. Price: 4999 rubles. Trousers A la Tete. Price: 4599 rubles. Nominee hat. Price: 3599 rubles.

On the model:

  • Sweater A la Tete
  • Trousers A la Tete
  • Nominee hat

Things from cozy knitwear have firmly settled in modern wardrobes. They do not hinder movement, give a feeling of warmth and comfort. And this is so important and valuable in the autumn period. Brands Nominee, A la Tete and Sei Tu
focus on comfort and offer a wide range of beautiful knitwear for every day, from sweaters and pullovers to suits. They can go for a walk with a child, and to the cinema, and to a cafe, and even to work. And the best addition to the knitwear set will be loafers from Passegiata and Ara. By the way, knitted suits are already called an element of the basic wardrobe. The top and bottom can be worn together or separately. Knitted pullovers, jackets, tops, trousers and skirts are easy to combine with denim, leather, velvet and other materials.

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