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Electric grills are at the peak of kitchen fashion today, as it was with multicookers a few years ago. A compact electric grill in the apartment and in the country is stylish and cool. With this device, you can cook without oil – not only meat, but also vegetables, as well as desserts. So how do you choose an electric grill?

An electric grill looks like a fairly simple kitchen gadget: it has two panels, under which there are heating elements, temperature and cooking time controls, a body, and two handles. However, electric grill prices vary greatly. The more perfect and convenient the device, the cooler its “stuffing”, the more expensive it is.


A modern electric grill must be powerful enough, otherwise it will be problematic to cook some foods on it, such as thick meat steaks. Choose an electric grill with a power of 2000 watts. The maximum operating temperature of the grill should be 230-240 degrees.

Unilateral and “clamshells”

Grills come with one work surface – open type – and with two – closed. Both types have their pros and cons. Open type grills are often large and take up a lot of space on the kitchen table. However, on the large working surface of such a grill, you can cook a lot of food at a time, although you will not move a step away from it: you will have to turn the food over all the time.

Advice: if choosing an open type grill, look for one with a glass lid. Then at least the kitchen will not splash grease.

Closed type grills are compact, they fry from two sides at once, and this is very convenient. You can put the steak to cook and go about your business. There are “clamshell” grills that fold out to 180 degrees and with a slight movement of the hand turn into an open type grill. And this applies not only to expensive models.


Photo: 123RF/legion-media.ru

The panels on which food is cooked are removable and non-removable. It is better not to save money and choose a model with removable panels, otherwise you will be tormented by washing your grill. It will be necessary to do this as carefully as possible: if water flows inside, the gadget will have to say goodbye. Removable panels are easy to clean under running water, you can even soak in the sink with detergent.


Grills are either mechanical or electronic. Mechanical implemented in the form of two rotating handles. One set the temperature, the other the time. Not very convenient, although this is a matter of habit. Such devices are cheaper.

Grills with electronic control have touch buttons, and you set the required cooking parameters on the display. Such gadgets usually have built-in programs for cooking steaks, fish, vegetables, etc., and you only need to press one button.

Accessories and additional features

The more sophisticated the grill, the more expensive it is. Here it is up to you to decide whether you need all these additional “goodies” from the manufacturer, whether you will use them. For example, there are grills that have a built-in sensor for determining the thickness of the steak and automatic selection of the cooking mode. Thinking and remembering what temperature you need for frying is not required, because the home assistant will decide and do everything for you.

Some grills have panels for making Viennese waffles, sandwiches. There are grills that you insert a baking sheet into and they turn into a mini oven.

Bold plus – fat collector

Grilling produces a large amount of fat and juice. So that your kitchen does not suffer, the grill must be equipped with a good grease collector. It is desirable that it be removable and located in the middle of the device. Small containers that are placed on the sides of the grill are not an option: you are tormented by removing fat from the table and other surfaces.


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