How do probiotics in cosmetics help with wrinkles?
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“This anti-wrinkle cream” a replica of Faina Ranevskaya from the movie “Easy Life”, when she tried to sell German shoe polish to fashionistas under the guise of a cream, became winged.

But no one knew that the phrase spoken by the heroine of the actress, over time and under the strict guidance of mastodons from the beauty industry, would become a working scheme. Means in the literal sense of the word, anti-aging wrinkles were invented, and this, of course, is not shoe polish.

In order for the cells to begin to rejuvenate, they need to “consume” the right combination of substances from cosmetic products. Just like a person, in order to be healthy, you need to eat right and drink vitamins.

It was not so easy to choose a competent composition for a rejuvenating elixir. Scientists tested dozens of phytonutrients on skin cells and finally found the key the magic five, which smoothes wrinkles and restores skin tone lost over the years.

These are, as the researchers called them, dermal supplements: acerola cherry (champion in vitamin C content), pomegranate (responsible for the restoration of the lipid barrier and lifting effect), spinach (provides hydration and helps maintain a youthful appearance of the skin) and white chia seeds .

They became the filling of two new ARTISTRY lines “Renewal and Restoration” and “Skin firming and lifting”. The five riders of beauty strengthen the skin’s 5 barriers: protective, moisture-retaining, microflora barrier, barriers protecting against photodamage (caused by the sun). Thus, aging cells are reanimated and transformed into younger ones.

The “Update and Recovery” line includes 5 products. Fight for beauty renewing foam cleanser (not only cleanses the skin of the face, but also improves its condition), emollient tonic (maintains the microbiome, restores balance, moisturizes), renewing revitalizing eye cream (smoothes mimic and age wrinkles).

Renewing face cream (activates the skin’s ability to rejuvenate and heal, fights loss of tone and elasticity, dullness), renewing regenerating face cream with SPF 30 UVA/UVB sun protection (reduces existing damage to the skin, helps to restore and strengthen it, makes pores less visible, evens out skin tone).

In collection “Skin firming and lifting” are responsible for skin rejuvenation firming cream ultra lifting (combats the signs of aging).


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