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Updating the interior is often associated with getting rid of everything old. However, fashion is cyclical, and the new is the well-forgotten old. Therefore, before throwing away another “unnecessary thing”, think about whether it is possible to upgrade it or even give a new interior a certain charm with its help. Designer Evgeny Koblov offers to consider several items that can live in your apartment for a second, this time stylish life.

Wooden armchairs

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From the 40s to the 80s, very high quality and interesting (in terms of design) furniture was made. Perhaps for an ordinary homeowner, it is unremarkable, but art lovers will say with confidence that such items are still of great value for the interior. Minor restoration – and old furniture can serve as the central object of the entire room, giving it authenticity.

Antique clock

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Do not rush to say goodbye to vintage clocks that fit very well into modern interiors. This is especially true for those options that are made of wood. They can be refreshed by varnishing or repainting in a different color, combined with the overall environment.

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You can also give a second life to the head of the bed, made by the masters of bygone years. This is also a very valuable piece of furniture from the past, which I do not recommend throwing away in any case. It is also better to give the headboard for restoration and make it a feature of the interior that you will create.

Porcelain service/crystal

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Perhaps there is not a single family that would not have kept a porcelain service in the shelves in the old days. The funny thing is that it was kept for very important and significant family events, but the value of the service was so great that even with upcoming events they still didn’t get it, they regretted it. But today his time has come. The appearance of such dishes on the table will give the holiday a special atmosphere. And, despite its age, the service will fit very harmoniously into the modern style.

Lampshades for chandeliers

I would not be in a hurry to throw out this attribute, which today is a full-fledged element of interior decor. At one time, there were lampshades, if not in every house, then definitely in the majority. They were made from different fabrics, in all sorts of colors and patterns. Now the old lampshade can be very organically fit into a modern design, emphasizing the relevance of the style while maintaining a sense of comfort.


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