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Today we will consider the elements of the interior in the bathroom that have lost their relevance, and also tell you how they can be replaced and what to take into account during repairs.

At one time, a popular technique was the division of the area into two zones using curb. They were used not only in living rooms and hallways, but also in the bathroom. The layout of tiles with a border is already an outdated trend that is not used today. This visually reduces the space of already small bathrooms. Today, tiles with the color of wood, stone, marble – that is, the color of natural materials – are popular. Or a completely plain tile of light colors.

Shampoo Corner, which is hung in the bath area can be found quite often. From the point of view of practicality – a good idea, but modern designers think otherwise. This not only reduces the cost of the interior itself, but also contributes to its “littering”: jars, bottles, washcloths, soap – all this spoils the appearance of the bathroom.

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Bathtub, cabinet mirror. Such kits can still be found in specialized stores that sell bathroom furniture. It’s out of fashion, looks cheap (because inexpensive materials are used), and takes up a lot of space, especially a closet with a mirror.

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white grout on tiles today they try to use less often, but before it was the only option that everyone used without exception. Firstly, it affects the appearance and reduces the cost of it, and secondly, on practicality. Over time, it turns yellow and has an “old” unkempt appearance. A wide range of grouts is available on the market today. and it is very interesting to beat even a simple tile.

In the old design, you can often find on the bath itself that stands out against the background of the tile inspection hatch. In addition to the fact that its color was different from the shade of the walls, it was also made of metal or plastic, which was even more striking when entering the bathroom. Today they make a secret revision hatch to match the color of the tile, which opens when pressed and does not stand out from the general background. The same goes for the plumbing cabinet.

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It is still not uncommon to see plastic corners, which mask the junction of tiles. It looks cheap, and the universal white color doesn’t always match the tone of the main tile, which looks ridiculous. It is better to purchase ceramic corner elements from the same collection as the tiles. You can also use aluminum profiles, which can be painted if necessary.


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