• History of oversize

  • How to wear baggy clothes?

  • Triangle Shape

  • Combinations

  • Color palette

  • Most popular combination

  • Choosing the right outerwear

Have you ever wondered why people like big things? Especially those who are happy owners of an ideal figure? It would seem that tops and tight-fitting jeans, what could be better? But many slender girls dress in oversized, while feeling incredibly comfortable and stylish. Of course, this is all a matter of taste. Remember, voluminous things do not necessarily hide flaws! But this role is often assigned to them.

So let’s see what you should pay attention to when choosing clothes.

Women’s baggy things began to come into fashion after the first world war, starting with jackets and dresses. Love for wide trousers came a little later, somewhere in the seventies, and then found a response in the depths of the soul of every second girl. Flared pants and hippie dresses were especially popular.

Since then, the “either-or” rule has appeared, meaning that a thing two or three sizes larger than yours should cover only one part of the body. If the pants are flared, then a tight-fitting top is on top. But fashion moves, and the stars rewrite the usual laws. For example, Billie Eilishthat went on display to the public in total oversize.

Most importantly – do not violate the proportions of the figure! If both the bottom and the top are wider than your original contours, then emphasize the waist with a belt or expose some part of the body: shoulder, collarbone or arms. Thus, the beauty of your curves will not be lost in the massiveness and volume of things.

For such girls, it is better to focus on the harmony of the body in the upper zone, but the bottom can be “stretched” with wide trousers or jeans in the style of “moms fit” or “boyfriend”.


Together with a large hoodie, rough, massive shoes will look great. Oversized itself welcomes bold layering: combine several top elements under each other and do not be afraid to get condemned from the outside!

Accessories also add dimension to baggy items. For example, large chains or bracelets.


The most winning and unquestioning shades are pastel or neutral tones: beige, white, black, etc. Stylists do not recommend wearing bright and frilly colors just because they take on too much emphasis. Accessories and other details of the image against their background are lost and remain in the shadows, no matter how perfectly they were picked up. But this does not mean that all risks are cancelled! If you are self-confident, know the measure and have a subtle sense of style, then you can play with even the most catchy shades!

Wide top and narrow bottom. In a word, this is far from the most secret formula. However, due to the scale of its use, you need to be able to give interest to the image! And it’s the little details that do the trick.

For example, a belt bag that is incredibly fashionable now will add originality to the combination, and a part of a shirt or sweater casually tucked under the bottom will certainly emphasize your sense of style.


First, the shoulders. The seam line should not be much further than its natural location.

Secondly, you should not buy clothes with too hanging sleeves. So you risk giving the image unnecessary absurdity.

Thirdly, the length. And here she works in conjunction with the ideal length of the dress. Choose your outerwear in the same way.


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