Experts predict an increase in demand in the housing market this fall. And when the demand for square meters increases, prices immediately creep up. Experts gave a forecast of how much the jump is expected this time.

According to Tatyana Reshetnikova, Deputy Head of the Mortgage Department of the Etazhi company, last July the majority of applications for mortgages were approved, over the past three years – 85%. Previously, this was observed only in November last year.

Another specialist Sergei Nyukhalov noted that apartment sales in the second summer month increased by 13% compared to July last year. And when compared with April, then by all 20%. This was facilitated by stabilization in the economy, a reduction in the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, due to which loans became more affordable, as well as a decrease in the cost of preferential mortgages. Therefore, the most attractive objects may well rise in price soon. Buyers who put off the decision to purchase an apartment in the spring may come back to this issue in the fall.

With the beginning of September, the business season begins, people return from vacations and summer cottages. In this regard, it is likely that the demand for real estate will recover, and hence prices will increase. According to experts, the cost will increase by an average of 5-7%.

– quotes the opinion of Reshetnikova “Izvestia”.

Experts emphasize that apartments in the most attractive residential complexes are quickly sold out even if the market is in decline. The cost of housing in such facilities is also likely to increase by 3-5% according to some estimates and by 10-12% according to others.

Earlier, the Russians were told about two ways of early repayment of the mortgage. Expert Daineko said that it is best to repay the loan in the first half of the entire term, which will allow not to overpay for bank services.


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