Puppet wrinkles: where they appear and how to deal with them
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Sometimes it seems that the face is pulled by the strings by an invisible puppeteer. Thanks to his work, wrinkles appear in the mouth area. Recently, experts have given them a special and very appropriate name – puppets. Where are such wrinkles located, and who is their puppeteer? We asked an expert.

What are marionette wrinkles

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Puppets are called wrinkles that go from the corners of the mouth down the chin. They got this name because they make their “owner” look like a theatrical puppet puppet.

Such wrinkles are also called in a different way – wrinkles of sadness, grief. Because they give the face an eternally sad look.

What is the cause of puppet wrinkles?

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Puppet wrinkles usually appear after the age of 40-45. If they arose before this period, the girl can be suspected of having problems with her bite. Then, in order to get rid of the “puppets”, it is enough to work with the teeth at the orthodontist.

After 40–45, a whole bunch of problems influence the appearance of “puppets”. The skin loses its tone due to the fact that collagen synthesis is reduced. Subcutaneous fat, jaw bones become thinner. The frame of the skin becomes fragile, and gravity pulls it down.

Sometimes the “puppeteer” of the “puppets” is the muscle of the mouth itself. Due to their activity, wrinkles can form up to 40.

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How to deal with puppet wrinkles at home

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Sometimes prevention is better than cure. Therefore, for the prevention of “puppets” or when they first mature, it is important to use competent artillery.

1. Anti-aging anti-aging face cream with Art&Fact collagen. 2. Anti-aging serum with Aravia peptides. 3. Dr. Niacinamide Lifting Cream Pierre Ricaud. 4. A set of fabric masks with nano-collagen and vitamin C Japan Gals. 5. Vitamin C Serum Cscription Dr. Brandt.

1. Moisturizing anti-aging cream with vitamin A X-Age Cosmedix Elite. 2. Bio Retinol Therapy Planeta Organica Revitalizing Puree Face Mask. 3. Serum with vitamin C Pure Vitamine C La Roche-Posay. 4. Anti-aging serum for the face LAB Biome Natura Siberica. 5. Night anti-aging cream Protocol 206 DirectaLab.

Well tone, moisturize the skin means with hyaluronic acid, collagen. Active products with vitamin C work on cell renewal. They exfoliate, increase skin immunity, and rejuvenate.

1. Multi-active cream Age Protect Uriage. 2. Booster cream for combination skin with vitamin C C-Vit Sesderma. 3. Ninelle Collagen Smoothing Concentrate. 4. Neutrale rejuvenating night cream-mask. 5. Serum Radiance Serum Venoperfect Caudalie.

1. Serum with peptide matrixyl IG * Skin Decision. 2. Essential IG* Skin Moisture Cream Decision. 3. Mask for the face, neck and decollete Ilona Lunden. 4. Face cream-mousse with collagen WHIPPED SOUFFLE 7days. 5. Moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid Ecomake.

Retinol works in the same vein, which gives a “magic pendel” to cells, stimulating their active reproduction, collagen production, and it also removes keratosis.

1. Garnier Skin Naturals Super Radiance Vitamin C Serum. 2. Face cream “Rose” nourishing Mi&Ko. 3. Weleda Pomegranate Intensive Lifting Serum. 4. Booster serum with M. Aklive peptides. 5. Vitamin C Cream Don’t touch my skine.

The effect of Botox is possessed by means with peptides that reduce muscle activity. Look for matrikina in the composition of the funds. And products with niacinamides strengthen the armor of the dermis and epidermis.

If you are prone to edema, and they also stimulate the appearance of “puppets”, use gadgets with microcurrents.

What hardware procedures help to overcome marionette wrinkles

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Hardware procedures are well suited for the prevention and development of “puppets”. They do the job just as well as injections. And also, for their part, they can well prepare the skin for further injection therapy.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting

The impact of ultrasonic waves is compared with a non-surgical facelift. By the way, if there is a slight omission of the skin at the bottom of the chin (omission of platysma), the procedure also saves from this defect. During the procedure, the synthesis of collagen fibers is stimulated, the ligamentous apparatus is strengthened. And the puppets leave.

Microneedle RF lifting

It’s called a skin iron. Although the sensations during the procedure are far from stroking. The skin is affected by a nozzle with working microneedles that penetrate the skin like a syringe. There, they channel radio frequency energy into the deeper layers. After that, the process of active production of collagen and elastin is started, including as a response to skin damage. And the severity of “puppets” is gradually decreasing.

Laser skin resurfacing

During the procedure, controlled microdamages are created using a laser. As a result, old collagen is destroyed and new collagen is formed in its place. Plus, it stimulates the production of elastin. For several procedures, you can smooth out wrinkles, tighten the oval, get rid of scars and even acne.

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What injection procedures help to cope with marionette wrinkles

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The simplest thing is to stab the fillers into “puppets”. This gives a quick cosmetic, though short-lived effect. But classic hyaluronic acid-based fillers do not work in every situation, and they do not always need to be injected only into the area of ​​established wrinkles.

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Another correction option is the well-known mesothreads, the procedure, as well as hardware methods, is called a non-surgical facelift.

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