Summer is the best time to renovate and bring any design ideas to life. However, not all renovation works can find understanding among neighbors and employees of management companies.

According to lawyer Elena Kuderko, the most important thing during repairs is not to violate the permissible limits of reconstruction and reorganization. That is, everything is fine until you start to change something in the design of the house. For example, move so-called wet spots, that is, places where a bathroom, sink or toilet should be installed, away from the riser. For this, you can get a fine, as well as an order to return everything to its original state.

But most of all, the expert assesses the damage from improper repair of floors.

The fact that the floors are repaired incorrectly can be signaled by neighbors. As a rule, citizens with complaints about noise from above are sent immediately to the court. A construction and technical expertise is appointed, which confirms or refutes the fact of violation.

As a result, the perpetrators may be required to carry out repairs actually anew – to dismantle the flooring and subfloor, and redo everything, taking into account regulations and norms. And the bailiff service will check the progress of work at each stage. Also, the defendant will have to pay a fine of 2,000 rubles plus reimburse court and legal expenses, the cost of an examination, and compensate for moral damage.

Earlier, lawyer Mikhail Payushin listed violations for which fines from 1,000 to 50,000 rubles can be collected from the owners of summer cottages.


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