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The emergence of new materials and technologies make it possible not to stand still and ennoble your home, following the latest trends. Fortunately, there are many manufacturers on the market today, so you can make it beautiful and stylish based on any budget, and not just expensive. Of course, it makes no sense to follow old trends when new options and ideas are in vogue. Today we will consider design ideas that were relevant 5-10 years ago and what they can be replaced with.

Alternating hollow cabinet and cabinet with glazed showcases

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The trend of alternating deaf and glazed cabinets goes back as far as the 90s: such kitchen options can still be seen in our grandmothers. Today this is a clear anti-trend, and designers have abandoned such decisions for a long time. Today, preference is given to either completely glass or completely deaf doors. Gloss and two-level cabinets of different depths are especially popular.

Small tile apron

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With a whimsical checkered pattern, where the emphasis is on a tile of a different color. Today, no one resorts to such solutions. This is not even so much not relevant as it is objectively visually ugly, although it used to be in great demand. I would also like to add plastic panels for the apron here, especially with drawings of vegetables, fruits or flowers. Also, do not use this solution when creating a new kitchen design.

Bar shaped kitchen utensil holders

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There is a rational grain in this, but visually it looks unaesthetic. Both the bar itself and its color do not always fit the design of the kitchen, and what hangs on hooks: different sizes, colors and shapes, and in the end it all looks very chaotic.

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Brown granite countertop

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This trend also comes from the 90s, which can be rarely, but still seen today. At that time, the assortment was very small and many design solutions were repeated in most apartments, which cannot be said about today. Today, the choice is huge and there are a great many options for countertops. The colors of natural wood are always relevant, work areas made of natural stone are also very popular, they are very practical, but they are not cheap.

Trends that are actively used today

Kitchen is not a kitchen

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In modern apartments, the kitchen is often made not as a separate element, but as part of the living room. There is a kitchen, which is completely closed with doors and a wall of panels is obtained, and when necessary, they can be moved apart and there will be a working and dining area. Today, there are many variations on how to disguise a kitchen, and this trend can definitely be adopted.

Use of modern ceramics

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Modern ceramic surfaces allow you to make countertops, aprons and even facades. The material is very strong and not subject to any changes, which makes the kitchen literally immortal and very practical. This is also one of the most modern kitchen solutions to date.


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