In sports style in winter, we, to one degree or another, walk all the time. After all, a down jacket or cozy ugg boots and dutik boots are the most elements of sports style. And with the advent of such coveted cashmere knitted tracksuits, the lines of sport and casual have completely blurred. The rules of this winter are to live without rules. Let’s collect fashionable bows together. Write down how to do it right.

Emptying the closet

Yes, yes, take it out of the closet and hang your entire wardrobe around you. Now put aside all leggings, jeggings, joggers, sweatpants and anything that looks like them. In the second pile, send sweatshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and oversized sweaters without decor, plain colors are better, but stripe prints, inscriptions or cute pictures are allowed. The third group is sneakers, ugg boots, dutik and everything that can be conditionally classified as sports shoes. The fourth “bunch” – all(!) outerwear.

Create bows


Try teaming a chunky sweatshirt and leggings in soft cashmere, add insulated sneakers and a classic wool coat. Boldly? Fashionable! Sportswear goes well with natural fur coats, just choose an image in a single color scheme. Or play on the contrast, for example, white sweatpants and a black sheepskin coat. Remember, there are no rules here, only your taste, your convenience and a little hooliganism.

Choosing a sport

For winter walks and trips out of town, you will definitely need winter boots made of modern membrane fabrics, dutiks or ugg boots with water-repellent impregnation. We will complement the tracksuit with an ordinary down jacket, without experiments. It is better to choose shortened models. This autumn-winter season, they are at the peak of popularity. Enhance the image with a set of mittens-hat-scarf in the same sporty style, without ruffles, frills and other decor. Such a total sport will not be boring, just give preference to things in delicate shades, try to give up black or gray.

We buy the missing

Evaluate for yourself what accessories or shoes you are missing. Perhaps you should think about a comfortable backpack instead of a strict document bag? Or replace flirty woolen berets with a beanie hat? Or maybe your wardrobe lacks a voluminous warm scarf? Pay attention to shoes. A sporty style will not become if you do not have insulated sneakers or dutik boots, munboots are also suitable for creating an image, in the new collection of different brands there are many bright models – shortened and high.

Remembering trends


What are the hottest trends in sports style? The triumphant procession of down jackets on the catwalks began with the French brand of clothing for climbers Moncler. The original is expensive, you should not buy a fake, but a lot of Montclair-style clothes have appeared in stores. You can easily find a jacket made of “lacquer” fabric in the right price range and with the right filler.

Second place has been holding shoes for years Timberland. The yellow nubuck boots once kept the feet of workers warm, and now they walk the streets of all the fashion capitals of the world. Now “timbas” are produced by almost all shoe brands. This is a common name for shoes with thick, grooved lace-up soles and “sunny” shades. Material, price and season – your choice.

They are followed by hoodies. Not tied to a brand. Women of fashion combine a knitted sweater with a hood and a convenient pocket with trousers, skirts and even silk dresses. It seems that hoodies, once on the podium, are not going to give up their positions.

Ugg boots are despised, in every fashion review they are recommended to be thrown away or left in the most extreme case and frost. But ugg boots are not only felt boots for surfers, they are a whole trend in footwear. Uggs are called any boots – short and high – made of natural sheepskin with a flat sole. Just choose your model.

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