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Being a style icon Sarah Jessica Parker knows a thing or two about interior design! Bold, original and stylish ideas can be inspired by looking at a photo of her home in the Hamptons.

Given that the Sex and the City star has impeccable taste, you can imagine how beautifully she decorated the house in which she lives with her husband Matthew Broderick and children. The couple made the decision to spend more time in the country house in 2020, after the situation with the coronavirus pandemic worsened in New York. The Hamptons is a favorite summer destination for many famous people. Both Sarah and her husband have quite busy schedules, so having a wonderful cozy cottage to escape to is a good investment.

An example of a living room design:

Parker and Broderick’s home in the Hamptons has incredible sea views; having a classic facade on the outside, it surprises with a modern interior inside. This is the perfect combination that suits such a colorful family. A mutual friend, Eric Hughes, helped the couple decorate the home, although he was not an interior designer.

Obviously, Sarah is well versed in interior design, and she dreamed of making her beach house not only cozy, but also reflecting the personality of each household member. Because the house is right on the beach, Parker wanted to create a place that could handle all the trappings of beach life: sandy feet, wet bathing suits, and loads of family (there are four kids in a couple, and Sarah herself has seven siblings!).

An example of a living room design:

As the owner of the house herself said in an interview: “We wanted color and light, but also comfort, comfort, comfort.”

Sarah Jessica Parker’s country house is decorated in a fusion style. Its interior harmoniously combines items from completely different eras and styles. There are designer furniture, mass-market furniture, vintage items from the flea market and local fairs, and even a handmade Egyptian chandelier!

An example of a living room design:

The spacious living room is decorated with magnificent greenery. velvet sofas and floor-to-ceiling bookshelvesfilled with novels and family photos. Hanging on the walls paintings, there is an old sideboard and a vintage tray for drinks. Piano is also located in a large room, and the whole family enjoys playing it.

The master bedroom immediately creates a relaxed beach vibe with the combination of white and wood and a classic coastal-style ceiling fan. To create a similar ambiance in your home, use bright colors and work with different shades of decor elements in the room. Complete your white bedroom with bright accents: choose vases, chairs, decorations, or even a headboard to add more life to the space.

The designer created a clean, crisp backdrop by painting all the walls of the room with pure white paint. The idea was that the architecture of the house, built at the end of the 19th century, would speak for itself, and only then the rooms would be filled with bright accents and simple objects that reflect the character of the owners.

For example, at the request of Parker, kitchen furniture painted in glossy tulip red.


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