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What is the difference between a stripe print and a plaid, floral or polka dot print? Will the striped wardrobe be relevant in the coming season or is it a trend that should be forgotten? Is a stripe always boring, mundane and minimalistic? All these questions make my head spin. Therefore, right here and now, we will dispel all stereotypes about stripes and about “eternal” prints in general.

Fashion is unpredictable, cyclical, sometimes strange, but always surprising. We understand that frequent trend changes can be misleading to anyone. But despite this, there are things, namely prints, that will always be relevant. From time to time, the stripe print returns to the trend list of the season. A timeless classic that you can’t trade for anything. The people of ancient Egypt wore stripes, they were on the hems of the dresses of court ladies of the 18th century, and women of fashion will wear them today.


It is generally accepted that striped things are the same type. The image is monotonous and causes only boredom. Designers and fashion experts are tired of repeating that this is not so. The stripe is about bright, bold and interesting combinations. There are shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers in stripes. It is colored, black, thick or thin. Can go horizontally and vertically. You have no idea how many different things you can find with this pattern.

We suggest you take a look at the tips on the right stripe combination. After all, buying a fashionable thing is simple, and picking up the rest for a fashionable bow is an art.


Stripe print is a constant hit of every season. A vertical strip will help those who want to hide a couple of extra pounds. It will definitely make your silhouette slim and accentuate your waist. The main thing to pay attention to here is the style. It is important to choose it in such a way that the vertical “does not blur” into the horizon.

What you need to know about the stripe and contrast? And the fact that things in a contrasting stripe will also visually make you slimmer and taller. A less contrasting stripe, on the contrary, increases the volume.

If you’ve always dreamed of striped dress if you are not tall, then your option is a print with a horizontal thin strip and a midi length. A short dress with a wide stripe will make your legs feel bad – it will shorten them. This style will definitely fill you up.

Pants. The main rule to remember when choosing pants with a stripe print is that a medium fit will increase volume, while a high fit will slim. Pay attention to print quality. Do not buy a thing if the strip is “moving around” on it.

Stripes and peas. A combination of the two most common prints. These basic colors, when skillfully combined, will make your look unbanal. No one will dare to accuse you of lack of taste. It is important to consider that polka dots and stripes must be the same size.


Stripe and floral print. This is a combination of a different level of complexity. The image requires careful preparation. Several factors must be taken into account. First, the patterns should be medium or small in size. Secondly, they must match perfectly in tone (use the color wheel). Here, taking the first two things that caught your eye from the closet will not work. Be attentive and careful.

Stripe and cage. Another stylish combination that will make you stand out from the crowd. It is important that these two prints have something in common (color, pattern size, contrast level).


The first association with a striped print is a vest. Did we guess?

Of course, the vest is a timeless thing. She is involved in the creation of many unusual images. The usual combination is a vest and accessories with a marine theme. Anchors, waves, ships. Boring and banal. She, of course, is an indispensable attribute in creating a marine style, but not today, when it can be combined with both a skirt and ballet flats, as well as with jeans and sneakers.

A vest, regardless of age and your parameters, should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. She will never lose her relevance, this can happen with her cut, which has been actively changing for several years. You will definitely be able to choose the perfect model for yourself and look bright and interesting.


By Yara

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