Slim or flared, high or low waisted. There are many models of cropped trousers. Each body type has its own version. For example, if you are tall and slender, then your model has a slightly low waist, straight or slightly tapered towards the bottom. If you are not tall enough, but there is excess weight – choose trousers with a high waist, with loose legs to balance the figure. Extremely narrowed models are “dangerous” for any build. They “cut off” the legs, make them shorter, emphasize the flaws. If you choose this option, give preference to not bright, pastel colors to “blur” the transition.

Now let’s figure out what shoes to choose in a set for cropped trousers.

If earlier it was fashionable to open the ankles, now this trend has already lost its relevance. Now the ankles must be covered: with shoes, socks, leggings.

Boots on a tractor massive sole

Martins, berets, timbas – ideal for winter. Firstly, your feet will always be warm, and secondly, you will not slip on the ice. And yet – do not get wet, do not get dirty, do not get tired. The advantages of such shoes can be listed endlessly, it was not for nothing that they were invented for extreme conditions. And their plus is that they are ideal for cropped trousers. Moreover, the boots will look with narrowed, and with flared, and with straight models.



Timeless classic. Buying such shoes, you make an investment for several seasons. These are great companions for cropped trousers with a classic crease style. In this image, you can easily come to an important business meeting, and then look at the premiere at the theater. Everywhere you will look appropriate. Chelsea is not only elegant, but also comfortable to wear. Flat sole with a small heel, no fasteners, no need to waste extra time putting on. Chelsea can be on a bike, which is suitable for a mild winter, and on natural fur, which will warm even in the most severe frosts.

Ankle boots with a stable heel

This is an option for ladies who cannot live without high heels. Stylists recommend wearing models with thick square heels in winter with cropped trousers, but you should refuse studs and platforms. The thin version is not suitable for weather conditions, and in combination with cropped trousers.


No matter how much you would like to wear boots under cropped trousers or on them, it is better to refuse this idea. Boots will “cut” the legs into several parts, making it shorter. And free options will also increase the ankle area.

What materials


Suede looks the most elegant on the legs. She has quite a few advantages, she wears out less, is less affected by reagents, and cleans well (unless, of course, this is a light version). But it is better not to wear suede in wet weather. Even if you treat your shoes with a special water-repellent impregnation, they can get wet.

Smooth leather options are much more practical. Boots made of glossy rough leather will look good with cropped trousers in winter. Moreover, this option is suitable for trousers in a classic style made of fine wool, and for shortened models of an unusual cut.

Fabric shoes – winter sneakers – the perfect companion for a sporty style. But it’s all about the shoes. Dutiks, ugg boots, “frogs” are completely inappropriate shoes for cropped trousers.

Artificial materials are allowed. However, keep in mind that you need shoes for winter. Choose models from a quality substitute so that it does not crack or fade in the cold.


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