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Today, fashion dictates to us to get rid of any rules when choosing and wearing clothes. Stylish laws in every possible way shout “yes!” buying clothes that you personally like. Only comfort, only what I really love. Today’s slogan: “Break stereotypes in clothes!”.

On the one hand, fashionable independence is, of course, good. But without an internal stop, you will definitely make a lot of mistakes. You may not even suspect that the wardrobe stores a thing that spoils the look. And everything seemed perfect to you…

Freedom in style does not mean you have to run to the store for a leopard print dress, just because you like it a lot. It is not necessary to refuse generally accepted norms, it is better to adhere to them. Then nothing in your image will suffer.

So, we will remind you of what spoils your image and how to dress is definitely not worth it. We will analyze the most common errors, and we will tell you the results.

Ripped jeans are the trend of today and future seasons. But fans of this bottom need to be as careful as possible. Symmetry of holes on the knees is not allowed. The cuts should be moderate, and the model should not be too tight on the legs. Also, we do not take into account bleached jeans – this is no longer fashionable.

What you should know about mistakes and blouses. Up with a large collar is a great accent in the image, but you should not turn up the collar or unbutton all the buttons on it. This will definitely spoil your look, in which vulgarity is useless.


Last time we told you about knitwear. It’s time to take them out and wear them. An outdated trend and a common mistake is to wear tight cardigans over T-shirts, shirts and other things. Now it is a standalone thing. It is recommended to wear cardigans buttoned up on the naked body or over a basic shirt that is not visible.

Shiny and iridescent body tights are a rude anti-trend. Regardless of their color, density, strength and material, give preference to matte tights. Nothing should shine!

The combination of a light dress and dark tights is another mistake that spoils the image. Such dresses should be worn without everything, or with tights to match the skin tone.


An image without any accessories is considered a loser. You need to add at least a bag, a hat, earrings, chains or a belt. Then your look will look minimalistic and stylish.

Also, the rule applies to an overabundance of accessories. The complete lack of details or overkill is a danger to your image.


Fur vests – anti-trend, anti-trend and again anti-trend. Not a single fashion item or model will save the image if it has a fur vest.

Here we are talking about the absence of the basic thing. Often there are images in which they overdo it with accent things. This is not always a mistake, but it is better to remember: dilute bright sets with simple clothes.

A dangling belt will definitely ruin your whole look. The strap should be at the waist or slightly lower, besides it is quite tight. Agree, a hanging belt over clothes is ugly.

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By Yara

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