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When the designer Mary Quant came up with the miniskirt in the 60s, along with the new fashion, she gave women another headache. Everyone thought about how to preserve the beauty of their knees, which this detail of the toilet demonstrates in all its glory.

For many, it has become obvious that the knees become flabby with age: the skin sags and becomes wrinkled. As with the face, décolleté and hands, this zone also gives out the woman’s age.

The actress was the first to speak loudly about what is worth investing in her knees. Demmy Moor. When she was still the wife of a young Ashton Kutcher, the star tried to “pat up” and strengthen everything that betrays real age.

According to rumors, to “rejuvenate” the knees, Demi spent a tidy sum. Some claim that it cost seven thousand dollars, others – that all 10.

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Moore underwent liposuction, skin tightening, inserted mesothreads. But the result, as they say, did not last long, Demi’s knees “flabbed” again. She stopped wearing shorts. Increasingly, the actress can be seen in long dresses or trousers. And in the case of photo shoots in the nude style, as for an autobiography, Photoshop will always help out.

So is the game worth the candle? And is it possible, before it’s too late, to prevent the “sagging” of the knees? All these questions are answered by experts.

Why do knees sag

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Sagging skin in the knee area is affected by several things. Moreover, these processes can occur long before retirement. Doctors assure that this is possible from the age of 35. Here are some common reasons.

Are you on a diet often?

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Your weight fluctuates. They went on a diet, lost weight, and then again ate kilograms. At the same time, the skin is stretched, including in the knee area, under the weight of fat deposits. And in the dermis, against the background of torture by diets, “bad” processes occur. Not receiving nutrients in the skin cells, collagen and elastin, which are responsible for its elasticity, cease to be produced normally. As a result, the skin, which has stretched during relaxation from diets, after losing weight, cannot take its former shape and sags.

Fat deposits and edema

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Sagging can appear if you do not follow the diet. Also, the banal developing cellulite can be the culprit. Also, your knees can sag if you have a swelling problem.

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Static lifestyle

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If you have a sedentary job, and your favorite pastime is horizontal on the couch, not only will you gain extra weight, but your knees will also sag. With static, the work of the lymphatic drainage system is disrupted, plus nutrients are poorly produced in the skin itself, because for normal operation it needs good oxygen exchange and blood circulation.

Age changes have begun

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They also need to be taken into account. The skin in the knee area is also “famous” for the absence of sebaceous and sweat glands, and therefore it is poorly moisturized, prone to dryness and the appearance of early wrinkles without proper care. With age, nutrient metabolism in the dermis generally slows down.

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How to prevent sagging knees at home

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So that your knees remain beautiful and toned for a long time and you do not have to Demmy Moorinvest a lot of money at once, get by with small forces at first.

Take care of your knees with cosmetics

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So that the skin does not wrinkle ahead of time, do not forget to nourish and moisturize it, especially in the knee area.

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Since the skin in the knee area is prone to dryness, a shell of keratinized cells also grows here. Remember to exfoliate this area twice a week, for example, with a fruit acid product or with a scrub. This is necessary to accelerate the renewal of skin cells. When the dermis gets rid of keratinized scales, it will better absorb the nutrients from the care products.

If the problem of age-related changes is already making itself felt, use retinoid products. Use them twice a week for a month.

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Eliminate swelling

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For edema, use external agents with venotonics, cellulite cosmetics will also help out, which normalizes the line of lymph movement and accelerates blood flow.

go in for sports

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There are several exercises that allow you to maintain the elasticity of the knees. They are designed to work out the quadriceps femoris and the muscle that is located just above the knee.

One of the exercises is the so-called deep squats, coaches compare it to ski jumping. It is better to perform the exercise based on TRX. 20 reps for 3 sets. It is ideal and easy to climb the stairs up, straining the buttocks – to work out the muscles.

At home, you can also do an exercise under the working name “stepping on the sofa.” You stand with one foot on the sofa, with the other, in a bent state, rise up, as if trying to punch an invisible enemy in the nose. Repeat first with one leg 15 times, then with the other – three sets.

What procedures to take in the salon

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The simplest options at the initial stage, until the problem of sagging has made itself felt, are, of course, salon body wraps and lymphatic drainage massages by a good specialist.

In more complex cases, you do not need to immediately run for surgery. For example, injections of hyaluronic acid will help with sagging skin, injections of lipolytics will save from fatty deposits, stimulate the synthesis of collagen “beauty shots” with polylactic acid.

You should not discount all the variations of hardware techniques that can postpone the issue of the operation for a long time.

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In extreme cases, when it is necessary to remove fatty deposits with fibrous phenomena (tissue scarring), liposuction is used. And the skin around the knees is strengthened with mesothreads. As is the case with Demmy MoorThe two procedures can be combined.


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