A complete remodeling of an apartment can take much more time and money than it seems at first. An engineer, an expert in the development of project documentation, Dmitry Mamin, listed the sequence of steps, and also named the stages where you can save money.

So, the first thing to do, says the expert, is a sketch. That is, get a BTI plan and draw future changes on it. In order to immediately assess the chances of obtaining a permit, it makes sense to look at the “Catalogue of typical design solutions for the redevelopment of apartments in residential buildings of mass series.” It presents the main options available to residents. If there is nothing similar to your ideas there, you should contact the designer to correct the plan.

The second stage is project preparation. To do this, it is best to contact a specialized organization, where they will immediately draw up the documents in the proper form, including an application to government agencies. After that, you should submit the entire package along with the application to the MFC. The review period is 10 days. After that, either consent or refusal will come. After obtaining permission, you can begin to repair. The organization that will carry it out must, at the end, issue an act stating that all work has been carried out in accordance with the project.

After that, you need to invite a commission to the apartment. The delegation should include representatives of the administration, the design organization, the contractor and the management company. Specialists are obliged to make sure and confirm that the apartment has been converted in accordance with permits. After that, all that remains is to get a new BTI plan.

Earlier, new rules came into force, according to which the alteration of balconies, including glazing and cladding, must be coordinated in the same way as redevelopment. That is, any renovation will require the development of a project with calculations of the load on the slab, etc.


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