The most fashionable autumn hair coloring for brunettes
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This fall, stylists advise brunettes to add light accents to their look. Accent coloring makes the skin shine cooler than the highlighter and visually rejuvenates if the strands are highlighted in a contouring technique.

honey blonde

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Classic of the last few seasons dark roots plus copper and golden strands along the length, made using the color stretching technique.

Copper tones

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If you are a determined brunette, but want to experiment, add copper strands with an accent near the face. Depending on how the stylist distributes the accents, you can soften or sharpen facial features, visually mask wrinkles.

bronze balayage

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Another option for brunettes who are thinking about experimenting with blonde. Your natural or chosen dark shade is the base, and gold and copper accents are distributed in a row on this base.

Mixed brunette

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The main dark tone to the middle is combined with platinum or golden strands applied using the bronde technique.

Chocolate brown shade

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An interesting shade that works like a highlighter. The base is the color dark chocolate, on which, using the stretching technique, accents are applied from the middle in golden or copper and milk chocolate color. Hair spontaneously shine, playing in the sun.

Facial coloring

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The most budget option. All you need is your dark base. The stylist highlights the face with two strands of any shade you want, even bright pink or blue. The trend from the 90s is now on the crest of a wave.

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