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First of all, the designers decided to move away from excessive decorativeness – fringe, sequins, “liquid gold” and metallic colors no longer excite the imagination: we have already seen all this, tried it on and, honestly, swimming in such elegant swimsuits is not at all convenient.

Today comfort rules the ball. And the swimsuits of this season put the figure on a pedestal – they emphasize it, hide – if necessary – flaws, visually lengthen the legs and “pull out” growth. It certainly won’t be boring: juicy colors are responsible for the beauty and brightness of the image.

For example, do not be afraid of neon shades: they look great on light, not yet tanned skin, emphasizing not pallor, but its fragility and sophistication.

However, if you have already acquired a bronze tan, you will also like neon – juicy fuchsia, light green and orange will look even brighter and more energetic.

Photo: provided by the Press Service

Photo: provided by the Press Service

The queen of swimwear – Natalya Yakimchik – has collected all the trends of the season in her summer collection. And he shows several hot trends at once in one Natayakim bikini. The swimsuit has a nice juicy shade (“first green”), beautiful lacing at the waist and high cutouts on micro panties.

However, it didn’t do without glitter at all: the Russian brand 12Storeez (the brand recently opened a new flagship store on one of the main fashionable streets of Moscow, in Stoleshnikov Lane) presented fused and separate swimwear with lurex. The sky-blue fabric emphasizes the figure and shimmers beautifully, especially in the brilliance of the sun’s rays and sea waves.

Photo: provided by the Press Service

Photo: provided by the Press Service

micro panties like Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski

the option is undoubtedly the most fashionable – and sunbathing in such is a pleasure. But if this model is too bold for you, high-waisted swimming trunks with an emphasis on the upper press can be an alternative.

Unfortunately, this is not a good option for a plus size figure: they emphasize curvy hips and shorten legs. For owners of magnificent forms, classic panties are best suited.

A sea-green swimsuit is a summer classic. The hue of crystal-clear water (as if copied on the beaches of the Maldives) looks flawless on sun-gilded skin and really comes out in photographs. Definitely worth adding to your beach wardrobe.

Photo: provided by the Press Service

The bandeau leotard (its name comes from the French word bandeau – bandage), the bodice is made like a strapless bandeau. It successfully models the figure and visually reduces the volume of the hips.

In addition, the bandeau looks noble, concise, makes a beautiful accent on the shoulders and neckline. This is ideal for those who want to get an even tan without swimsuit marks. The top of this model can be worn in the city.

The plunge model has a deep cutout on the chest and back. Its charm is in its versatility: you can wear it with shorts or jeans – like a top – and even wear it to the office with formal trousers and a jacket.

Whatever happens to the fickle fashion in the future, basic shades will always be in trend, be it black and white. By choosing a simple palette, it is easier to choose accessories and experiment with the image without fear of overdoing it with decor.


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