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The big sale of the furniture giant IKEA before leaving the Russian market is coming to an end. Citizens have less than a week to have time to order the necessary goods from the company’s warehouse.

As stated on its website by the manufacturer and retailer of furniture and home accessories, the stop-sale will happen next Monday, August 15th.

“August 15, 2022 at 20:00 Moscow time, the online sale of Ikea products for buyers and clients of Ikea for Business will end,”

– the message says.

The company also emphasized that the retail stores of the trade group will continue to be closed to customers. They will work exclusively for receiving online orders, as well as for returns and exchanges. IKEA is also committed to process and fulfill all orders received before the end of the sale. Everything will be issued or delivered during August and September, as agreed with the customer.

The company decided to leave the Russian market on June 22. Then it became known that IKEA plans to sell its four factories located in the country. It was also announced that goods from warehouses would be sold out. At the first stage, IKEA employees were able to purchase furniture and other things. And from July 5, the opportunity to buy leftovers was presented to everyone. True, with the start of the sale there was a slight hitch. At night, the site stopped working, after which a message appeared that it was impossible to make purchases due to technical problems. Such a false start has become the occasion for numerous jokes and memes on the Web. A few days later, the sale still began.


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