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“Home, sweet home” should be comfortable, cozy, it should be easy, light and harmonious. But we live and do not notice that some things that have become familiar do not add charm and style to our housing, but on the contrary, make it stereotyped and boring. We figure out which interior elements and trends, according to designers, are godlessly outdated.

White walls and white kitchen

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White plain walls are a relic of the past. Instead of white, a light beige, light gray or light blue tone is preferable. The same goes for the kitchen and kitchen appliances. Manufacturers and designers have finally realized that a white kitchen in a family where they cook is not at all practical. In place of white kitchen sets come black, green, blue – all that was previously considered bad form.

Decoration Materials

Of the finishing materials, it is no longer in fashion – decorative brick or false brick, frescoes, Venetian plaster with a glossy finish, glossy self-leveling floors, small-format boar tiles.

exposed concrete

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The fashion for raw concrete in interior decoration, as a kind of non-standard solution, is becoming a thing of the past. In our cold climate, it makes the room visually cold, gray and gloomy. This is absolutely not the detail that creates comfort.

Tiles throughout the bathroom

A fully tiled floor-to-ceiling bathroom or shower is a thing of the past. The bathroom is tiled only partially – the wet area, the rest of the walls are painted with plain paint. Practical and economical.

Artistic classic and baroque

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This style is inappropriate in residential buildings and apartments. Stucco, gilding, carved furniture, heavy crystal chandeliers, numerous figurines that add richness and pomposity to the room are a bright anti-trend. However, limited, dosed use of these elements separately in modern design is allowed.

artificial materials

The trend is eco and the use of natural materials – stone, wood and living plants. Imitations of natural materials cheapen and spoil the interior. It is better to abandon any details altogether in order to save money than to use artificial materials that mimic natural ones.

Furniture included

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Carefully selected furniture of the same color, from the same material and, as a rule, from the same manufacturer is an anti-trend. Designers offer to mix interior elements, mix different collections, combine different shapes and textures. A complex interesting design is considered fashionable, in which imagination was given free rein.


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