To the very point! How to get rid of blackheads in ears

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Marua Baychorova

It is necessary to regularly and properly carry out hygiene: take a shower, wash your face and wash your ears with soap or a special gel for washing

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“The plug that clogs the pores of the skin (in particular, in the ear) consists of the contents of the sebaceous glands, hair follicles, dust, dirt, dead skin cells and oxidized air,” says the expert. “To get rid of blackheads, these pores need to be cleansed.”

It is better to do this preventively, i.e., even before problems appear on the skin. To do this, it is enough to regularly and correctly carry out hygiene: take a shower, wash your face and wash your ears with soap or a special gel for washing.

Many types of soap are quite aggressive and can change the acid-base balance of the skin. Therefore, it is important to choose cosmetics and detergents carefully. It is better to give preference to PH-neutral products, without parabens and other harmful additives. After all, the cause of the appearance of black dots can be not only poor hygiene, but also the use of incorrect or inappropriate cosmetics.

In addition, removing fat too aggressively, which also has a protective function, can disrupt the acid-base balance of the skin. And it’s not far from acne.

“By the way, it is important not only to regularly carry out ear hygiene, but also to thoroughly wash off the products used from the skin so that they do not remain there, and then wipe the washed ears dry, both inside and out.

Nutrition is also important. People suffering from acne, according to the expert, need to reduce the content of easily digestible carbohydrates (flour and sweet) in the diet. They increase insulin levels, and this hormone, in turn, can provoke an increased level of testosterone, which increases the production of fat by the sebaceous glands.

But if the cause of hormonal imbalance is not age-related, but is associated with endocrine diseases, then, first of all, you need to go to an endocrinologist or a gynecologist-endocrinologist. Since an aesthetic defect is far from the most serious consequence of hormone failure, and when the disease is cured, then acne will also subside.

You can try to get by with a therapeutic effect, using creams and ointments.

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You can try to get by with a therapeutic effect, using creams and ointments that remove excess fat, exfoliate the upper stratum corneum of the skin, as well as ointments that have an anti-inflammatory effect. Among such drugs, for example, skinoren, zinerite, Vishnevsky ointment, levomecithin and retinoic ointment.

But still, mechanical cleaning of clogged pores will be more effective, the expert is sure. The dermatocosmetologist, having treated the skin with an antiseptic solution, carefully pierces it with a special cosmetic needle, releasing the contents of the comedone out, and then squeezes it out with a special spoon. Then again treats the skin with an antiseptic.

You can do this cleaning at home. To do this, you must first take a bath. This will help not only cleanse the skin of impurities, but also soften it – then the process will go easier.

It also does not hurt to apply a soda solution to the problem area or make a compress of soda and salt so that the top layer of the skin softens and moves away better. For these purposes, you can apply topically chloramphenicol drops or Vishnevsky ointment. The ointment should be applied to a piece of cotton wool or a cotton swab and secured with adhesive plaster for several minutes.

But the problem will not be solved the first time, it needs to be done two or three times a week. After that, you can start cleaning the house yourself.

“But it’s better not to experiment yourself and turn to a beautician,” warns Marua Baichorova. “There are a number of dangers associated with this procedure. For example, if you yourself operate in such a narrow space, it is easy to injure the skin or even injure the ear from the inside with a careless movement. It is especially dangerous to engage in amateur activities, removing black dots in the ears of children under 12 years old, whose skin is much thinner compared to adults and is easier to damage.

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