Scientists assessed the potential harm to the human body from inhaling the vapors of cleaning, washing and disinfecting agents. Particles settle in the lungs at the same speed as car exhaust gases. The study was conducted at the University of California, Davis.

In their work, scientists noted that the coronavirus pandemic forced people to use household chemicals more often than before to clean and disinfect surfaces. But Vapors generated during cleaning increase the concentration of volatile compounds in the air, including secondary organic aerosolswhich adversely affect air quality and the climate in general.

The researchers conducted an experiment. In a closed, ventilated room, they washed the surfaces for 12-14 minutes. For experiments, scientists used products with monoterpenes, natural hydrocarbons. Along the way, experts measured the content of secondary oxidation products in the air. It turned out that a person first inhales 30-40 micrograms of primary volatile organic compounds per minute. But then the molecules react with air and oxidize, and then from 0.1 to 0.7 micrograms of particles of secondary compounds per minute enter the body. The mechanism of getting aerosols through the nose into the lungs turned out to be exactly the same as if a person inhaled the discharge from the exhaust pipe of a car. This means that the damage that fumes can cause to life support systems can be similar.

In this way, Disinfection is certainly important, scientists said, but excessive passion for it can be dangerous to health.writes Science Advances.

Among the housewives there is no consensus on how often you need to clean the apartment. Much depends on polluting factors, such as the age of the children, their activity and the presence of pets. According to the opinion supported by the majority, every day it is worth washing dishes, wiping work surfaces in the kitchen, and sweeping the floor. Washing floors, dusting shelves, cleaning mirrors and surfaces in the bathroom is enough once a week. Wash curtains, wash blinds, wipe chandeliers and lamps at least once a month. Well, once every three months it makes sense to carry out general cleaning with cleaning the ceiling and washing windows in the warm season.


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