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According to statistics, most of the time a modern Russian spends in the kitchen, and this is not surprising. Since Soviet times, we have been accustomed to gathering at the dinner table, inviting guests for it, and discussing the events that took place during the day here. The kitchen for a Russian person means much more than a place for cooking or eating. This is a truly unique place in the house that requires a lot of attention and creativity when we plan to make repairs. Designer Alexander Osipov offers his own solutions to the most pressing kitchen issues.

natural colors

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Boring glossy kitchen fronts in white no longer have a place in a modern home. They were replaced by deep and multifaceted natural colors – grassy green (sage, rosemary, basil, mint), noble earthy (dark gray, black). Floral tones are also popular: violet, lavender, as well as the most fashionable shade in 2022 according to Pantone – periwinkle.

It is not only very beautiful, but also practical. These colors are not too light and not too dark at the same time. In addition, matt or lacquered kitchen cabinets, which are in trend today, in contrast to glossy, they are not so whimsical in care: stains, traces of water splashes and chips are less noticeable on them.

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Fittings and details

Chrome, stainless steel and rugged details have been popular in kitchen design for the last decade – and the decade before it. But in 2022, they seem to have lost their relevance. Since the kitchen is no longer seen as a workspace, Today, housewives prefer to hide all kitchen appliances and utensils behind cabinet doors.. Luckily, there are hundreds of color options for cookers, refrigerators, and coffee machines on the market.

The interior seems more thoughtful and beautiful when the eye has something to study in it. You can achieve this effect in the kitchen using beautiful elements evenly distributed over the entire area.. For example, it can be door handles on the facades, a faucet on the sink, a lamp above the island and technical details, united by one style and color.

Minimalism and shaker

Shaker style interior

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Since it is fashionable to focus on natural shades and beautiful natural textures in 2022, any tricks with finishing and decorating facades become redundant. Simple flat doors that hide appliances whenever possible are a modern kitchen ideal.

Among residents of private houses, owners of spacious kitchens and lovers of rustic charm Shaker-style wooden kitchens are also popular. – with a minimum of milling and complex curved lines. To make the design look stylish, I always use a game of textures.

Combining spaces

Combined large kitchen areas will remain relevant for a very long time. In open-plan spaces and cottages, the space of the kitchen and the living room in most cases are combined, providing new opportunities for embodying different fantasies in design. But just combining rooms of different functionality is not enough. It is extremely important to think over and implement the correct zoning. The living room and kitchen are two key spaces where people spend most of their lives. Therefore, such a combination of spaces perfectly contributes to the unification of the family.

Marble apron and vintage tiles

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Marble in the kitchen is a real classic. Today, he has noticeably moved from countertops to the kitchen apron. Another reason why marble is trending is that marbled tiles and panels are now available and are much cheaper than natural stone. Agree: after all, it looks appropriate even in a minimalist interior.

Roughly handcrafted, often square-shaped vintage tiles are one of the most interesting kitchen design trends in 2022. It contrasts wonderfully with smooth facades and countertops, visually dilutes the monotony of space, adds a touch of sophistication and romance.


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