• How to look stylish and not freeze in winter

  • How to choose the right thermal underwear

  • How to put together a stylish basic wardrobe for winter

  • How to look stylish in a down jacket in winter

  • What shoes to choose in winter to look stylish

Tights, leggings, a long skirt or thick trousers, in which it is difficult to bend your legs. When thinking about winter outfits, pictures are drawn from childhood, where we were all equally wrapped in downy scarves, fur coats from zigeyka, put on two hats and hung mittens with elastic bands. Frost and style are like two different, mutually exclusive concepts. In spring, summer and early autumn, you are the queen, and when the first minus hits, you turn into a blanket man. We will correct this shortcoming.

You have heard about the golden rule of how to properly dress your child for a walk in winter. So the key to success is considered to be the right thermal underwear! Consider this the very miracle that will warm you up and allow you not to wrap yourself in several layers of clothes, but to choose stylish and beautiful things.

It is better to buy several sets for different outfits. You will need leggings for trousers and jeans, shorts and elongated T-shirts for dresses and skirts, regular thermal shirts for blouses and sweatshirts and thermal socks. The ideal option is to find these things in flesh color so that they are completely invisible under clothes. Or choose, for example, a white and black version for dark and for light.

Thermal underwear can be made of polyester and fine merino wool. At the same time, wool will last you longer and, no matter how strange it sounds, will withstand more washes. The whole secret is in the special weaving of fibers for thermal underwear. The polyester option is also great to warm, but it has one drawback, it quickly absorbs odors. It is enough to sit longer in a restaurant, or go a little too far with perfume, and you will want to wash it.


Check out your closet. Check what conditionally can be suitable from things for the winter. Put in a separate pile things made of wool, wool mixture – things with the addition of cashmere, angora, merino are suitable here. Acrylic will warm up well in winter, but pure polyester has dubious heat-saving qualities.

In order not to freeze in winter and look stylish, you will need:

  • 2-3 classic sweaters with a neck and no calm shades;
  • Textured knit and flat knit cardigans;
  • Suit jacket-skirt and/or jacket-pants made of wool or tweed;
  • Dress made of wool (a model made of natural suede in natural shades will look good); Jeans made of dense fabric without holes and scuffs;
  • Sweatshirt or sweatshirt made of cotton with fleece.

If possible, complete this list with a black or nude cashmere turtleneck.

The answer is very simple: “buy a trendy down jacket.” Now there are plenty of really stylish models in stores. Many women of fashion began to give preference to down coats. There are many advantages in this trend: the down jacket does not get dirty so quickly, it is ready to withstand changes in the weather – from heavy rain to a blizzard, it is not blown, and at the same time it looks great. It is not necessary to dwell on only black models, allow yourself to add some rich colors to the winter: grass green, terracotta, tangerine, pearl gray – the manufacturers have tried to diversify the color scheme.

Complete your winter look with accessories: scarves, hats, belts, beautiful gloves or mittens. With such an addition, any, even the simplest down jacket, will acquire a stylish sound.


You should associate winter not only with fashion, but also with convenience. Let model girls in fur coats and thin pointed-nosed high heels slide along the catwalks – this is not our method, and not our realities. You can look stylish in biker boots, and in timberlands, and in uggs (yes, we remember that this is an anti-trend, but uggs have long been not only felt boots, but also quite fashionable models of boots).

Insulated Chelsea boots have proven themselves well, they are perfect for completing the look with a pantsuit. And high boots with steady heels will complement the bow with a skirt or dress.


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