In winter, almost every woman faces a difficult choice: warm or beautiful. First of all, it concerns shoes. I would like to walk a model gait along the street, as if on a catwalk, in elegant boots with thin heels and “fish fur”. In reality, you have to run from work to home and vice versa in far unsympathetic, but such warm and comfortable “goodbye youth” boots. How to combine warmth and beauty?

First, let’s figure out which shoes are considered the warmest.

Boots – “frogs”

They are often worn a lot in the US and Canada. Such boots can withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees, even if you are going on an expedition to the North Pole. What do frogs look like? These are boots made of genuine leather, suede, nubuck or high-tech fabric. Inside they have a felt double, which can be easily pulled out, dried and put back on. At the same time, a felt boot is somewhat reminiscent of thin felt boots. That is, your foot is guaranteed to be warm. The top of the “frogs” looks like a rubber overshoe was pulled over ordinary shoes. This galosh protects the legs from moisture, boots and their owner feel great on winter snow.

Warm or beautiful: what shoes to wear in winter

The beauty of the “frogs” is peculiar. However, both in America and Canada, you can often find such a model in combination with classic clothes. Businessmen without a doubt put on “frogs” under trousers with arrows, combine with skirts and dresses.

Boots – “dutiki”

Another extremely warm model. Most often they are produced from high-tech membrane fabric, it is very rare, but possible, to meet a model made of leather. Thanks to the porous filler, the boots look like they are inflated. The presence of “air pockets” in combination with insulation – natural or synthetic – make such shoes very warm, and even in a light minus they will warm and prevent your feet from getting wet.

Boots – “timbs”


A model of footwear that was once intended for workers and work in harsh conditions. Several companies at once produce the famous “yellow boots” from nubuck. Natural wool or natural fur is used as a lining. Thanks to a special method of leather dressing and special impregnation, these boots not only look quite attractive, but also do not get wet, and keep warm perfectly.

Boots – martins

In general, this is a separate, fairly well-known shoe brand, but now many companies produce models for martins. They are distinguished by rough leather dressing, thick rubber soles and lacing. In fact, now almost all rough shoes are considered “Martins”. Such boots do not allow the foot to freeze thanks to a thick cellular sole and an inner layer of baize or natural fur.

Uggs and high boots


These models can easily be combined into one group. Uggs and high boots are made from natural tanned leather and fur. Thanks to the materials, thick pile, such shoes will perfectly warm in the cold. But ugg boots and high fur boots are not particularly accustomed to slush, they can let moisture out, and they can deform from adverse conditions. But in dry frost it is very convenient, comfortable and warm in these cropped boots.

Classic boots

It’s hard to put them first. Firstly, the sole of the classic models is quite thin. To make the boots look neat and elegant, and not like leather-covered felt boots, he uses either a bike or thin fur as a lining, no “fluffy” options. Often boots are complemented by a high, albeit stable, heel. There is always a danger of slipping on the ice and getting hurt. Such shoes are more suitable for owners of personal cars, well, or personal drivers.

Felt boots


Why not? Now there are many highly artistic models of felt boots on the market. With a sole, painted or embroidered, with a zipper, ties and even lacing. Most often, stores offer models of factory ice rinks. They are warm, but handmade options will give them a head start. This is what shoes, if you provide it with galoshes, you can easily walk through the severe frost in the winter forest. There is a minus, than do not process, it will not work to make felt boots water-repellent. Another disadvantage is that they can get damp and take a long time to dry.

What models will be the most fashionable?

Any shoes on the platform and rough soles. Such boots and boots can be combined with both a skirt and trousers, they will look especially piquant with a light dress complemented by a textured knitted sweater.

Chelsea, these zipless boots are making a triumphant return to the streets. Elegant, with mid-soles and lined with natural or faux fur or wool, they are perfect for a classic wardrobe. But they look good with jeans and dresses.

Sneakers are not winter shoes at all. But fashion designers better know what to consider stylish this winter. Almost all well-known brands this year released sneakers with fur, and add a composition to the sole material that will not let it suffocate in the cold. What to wear sneakers with? The correct answer is “everything!” And the most correct one: “with suits in the style of sportglam”.


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