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Art Deco style appeared as a result of a mixture of neoclassicism and modernity. From the first he took the desire for luxury, from the second – materials with an expensive texture.

Art Deco in the interior can be easily described in two words – expensive and rich. Leisure furniture – only from genuine expensive leather, an abundance of mirrors. Stucco, sculptures – but everything is chosen harmoniously, without kitsch, and gaudiness. This is an exquisite luxury, sometimes created in just two colors – black and white.

Art Deco apartment design requires large areas and high ceilings. For small spaces, styling with some style elements is the best option. For example, mirrored and glossy surfaces will not only add luxury, but also help expand the space.

Another important point to consider when choosing this interior design is the scale. The majesty of the style is given by large pieces of furniture and art objects: a massive central chandelier, a king size bed. If, with the help of architectural solutions, you can create a multi-layered, multi-stage structure in the room, this will enhance the art deco in the interior.

It is worth considering that such a design is almost impossible to recreate on a low budget. Chinese copies, cheap laminate from a hardware store, gold from a spray can, textures with poor elaboration can only become a parody of art deco.

To decorate the room in the Art Deco style, natural materials are selected:

  • valuable wood species;
  • Genuine Leather;
  • metal – chrome-plated or gold-plated;
  • processed bone.

Considering that the main thing in Art Deco is furniture, decor, and the walls serve only as a background, you should not get carried away with colored, patterned finishes, so it is better to choose matte paints and textured plaster for walls and ceilings.

Coloring is suitable for walls, wallpaper – plain, wide stripes, with ornaments, geometric patterns. It is also appropriate to make the room itself very dark (blue, coffee, graphite). Or one of the walls can be bright, accent, and the rest – light (cream or grayish). The original will be the color “zigzag”.

The floor must be glossyso it is better to choose parquet for it or large shiny ceramic or natural stone tiles.

Furniture in Art Deco

Furniture is better to choose neutral tones. Nice combination of white and black colors, cream, milky or bronze shades, the color of aged gold. Such furniture will emphasize the taste of the owner and will invariably attract attention.

The traditional material for interior items here is natural wood. When choosing furniture, remember that accessories should be expressive and expensive, shelving can be of complex shape. Ideally, if the surface of the furniture is varnished.

For example, a sofa upholstered in expensive dense fabric (velvet or velor) or genuine leather. The upholstery can be decorated with triangles, zigzags, ovals.

Art Deco interiors are never content with just the necessary furnishings: here you will find bureaus, wine cabinets, jardinières, sideboards, dressing tables, chaise longues, rounded soft armchairs, small sofas with tall thin legs, ottomans, etc.

The interior will be complemented by a soft pouffe, a dressing table, a wardrobe with facades decorated with vintage painting.

Choose black technique, it will be in harmony with the contrasting trim.


A style characterized by luxury and scope implies a lot of light.

Each room must have a catchy chandelier (most often crystal or with imitation crystal, large, cascading down). And a lot of lamps for different purposes – accent light, reading light, floor lamp for evening lighting, etc. Luminaires must be carefully selected so as not to visually contradict each other.

You can create a multi-level lighting system using shiny fixtures made of steel, copper, glass.


Rich textures and shades – velvet, silk, carpet fabrics; patterned linen and satin; fabrics with original prints under the aesthetics of famous designers and artists; fabrics with traditional patterns or their imitation.

Linen and cotton in this style are unacceptable.


There is a lot of it and it is very diverse: this is the very essence of Art Deco. In such interiors there will definitely be paintings, sculptures, figurines, original lamps, vases, designer pieces of furniture and so on.

In Art Deco, collectible items (ancient or made at the beginning of the 20th century), inlaid items, author’s ceramics, and so on are valued.

Zebra skin on the floor, sculptures, vintage posters, mirrors, floor and table vases – all these details complete the art deco interior.


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