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Bouquets of roses and tulips are a classic, but if you want something unusual, you will have to try. For example, look in the direction of dried flowers.

Compositions of dried flowers bring a special accent to the interior and have a unique aroma of summer. If you like to create beauty, then you will surely like the idea of ​​making bouquets at any time of the year.

Dried Flowers Benefits

Dried flowers have a unique quality that makes them the best gift, as well as decor for an apartment, office, desktop. They last a long time!

Keep a fresh appearance – even with proper care of the stems and with the help of special chemical additives to the water – cut flowers cannot last long. Flora in pots, on the other hand, requires constant care – and this is time and effort that the recipient of gifts may not have.

Dried flowers, depending on the specific plants in the composition, last from several weeks to several years. Yes, after a while they will cease to be fragrant, become more fragile, but if you follow elementary caution, the bouquet will remain beautiful.


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Dried flowers are ideal for those who want to put a beautiful bouquet and forget about caring for it. The main thing, so that the room maintains optimal humidity and there are no sudden changes in temperature. If you choose a bright composition, make sure that direct sunlight did not fall on the bouquetotherwise the plant will dry out too much and lose its original rich color.

A bouquet of dried flowers does not require water and is not afraid of frost, heat, or long transportation.

The subtleties of collecting plants

Plants and flowers that you will use are the best to collect in the morning in dry weather. For a composition of dried flowers, only intact and beautiful specimens should be plucked.

Air drying plants

The easiest way is to air dry naturally. Just take the plants outside in the shade and wait a few days. The main thing is that the rain does not wet them.

Life hack: you can use the fast drying in the microwave.

This method is not suitable for fragile plants. But with strong buds, you can save time and start composing a bouquet faster. Put the plants in the microwave and check every five seconds. When they are dry enough, you can take them out and use them at work.

What you need to make a bouquet of dried flowers

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Such compositions are formed from a variety of plants: these are traditional ears of wheat, and a more solemn version with branches of lush pampas grass, and delicate lavender, and cotton, and physalis with bright orange heads-boxes, and many other flowers. Also, you can add a variety of natural decor to the bouquet of dried flowers with your own hands – twigs, leaves, feathers, berries and any other elements that your imagination tells you.

However, the example of residential interiors shows that in recent years, designers, florists and residents themselves prefer mono bouquets, which look discreet and natural. Dried flowers also look organic in combination with bright shades: both against the background of saturated walls, and painted in bright colors.

How to make a bouquet of dried flowers

Beginners should start with small mono-bouquets, such as lavender or lagurus. Collect them in a parallel or spiral method – when each new stalk is placed slightly at an angle to the previous one. Then tie the resulting mini composition with some natural material like jute rope or canvas – they best emphasize the fragile beauty of dried flowers. Gradually, you can move on to more complex bouquets of 2-3 or more plants, using the rules of color and composition.

A small bouquet can be put in the bedroom. Just a few sprigs of lavender will help you relax and fall asleep faster.

Wreath – a round decoration made of intertwined dry materials. There are two types of wreaths, one is a women’s accessory, the second is an interior element. In the first case, strong dried stems of plants (often cereals) serve as the basis of a wreath, and both dried and artificial flowers act as an addition. In the second case, the base is dry branches with dried flowers woven or attached to them.

  • Make a ring from willow branches, wrap it with fishing line for strength. Leave to dry for 2-3 days. After drying, the twigs will retain the shape of the ring.
  • Before you start, you need to prepare the flowers. To do this, they need to be cut and divided into small bunches.
  • Using colored tape, wrap each bundle. Fix the flowers securely. For strength, this can be done with wire (wind it around the bottom of the tape).
  • Start gluing the bunches of buttercups prepared in the above way using a heated glue gun. Moving in a circle, gradually fill the entire space of the base. Apply the bundles in layers, and the next bundle should only slightly cover the bundle lying below, masking the places where the flowers stick to the base.
  • Pick up a beautiful lace braid, it will serve to hang the wreath on the wall.

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  • Flowers do not have to be glued, you can use a thin wire and use it to attach each bunch to the base.
  • A wreath can not only be hung on a wall, a door, you can simply put it on a shelf, leaning it against a support.
  • Dried buttercup flowers are completely harmless, but you can replace them with other flowers. Try to dry and then make a wreath of small inflorescences of bird cherry, apple, lilac, chamomile, etc. The wreath will turn out not only beautiful, natural, but also very fragrant.
  • Such wreaths of dried flowers will perfectly fit into country-style interiors. This is a rustic look of the interior, which is distinguished by simplicity, naturalness and natural materials.

Collage in a photo frame – this decor is suitable for any interior, including children’s. Plants are hidden behind glass, so they cannot cause allergies. At the same time, they are less susceptible to destruction and last longer. The compositions are created from meadow flowers and dried herbs. It is better to choose a large frame.

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After drying the plants, lay them evenly on the frame glass. And then – a flight of fancy: for example, you can randomly lay out large dried flowers. Then firmly fix the back wall of the frame so that the composition holds its shape.

The location of such frames will suit any part of the house or apartment. They are good because they can be hung anywhere, or put on a chest of drawers or bedside table, leaning against the wall. The main thing is that the frame is stable enough.

The only limit here is your imagination. Bold florists even insert bark, roots, vegetables, fruits, moss and mushrooms into compositions. Add cloves, cinnamon and lavender for a fragrant alluring smell.


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