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Bags have long ceased to have only practical significance – now they have turned into an appropriate, stylish accessory that can turn an ultra fashionable outfit out of an ordinary set of clothes. Fashionable bags for women 2020-2021 are presented today in such a wide variety that women can get confused when choosing fashionable women’s handbags. We will help you understand the main trends.

In our list of fashion trends for women’s bags, there are beautiful and fashionable women’s bags 2020-2021, which have two names – a bag or a pouch. A characteristic feature of this model is a flat rounded bottom. Thanks to him, a lot of necessary things will fit in the bag. Suede, leather, fabric fashionable bag-bags, complemented by decorative details, will look stylish and unobtrusive.

Similar to a sack, a voluminous fashionable bag will become a lifesaver for a walk, going to the store and more. Lace-up closure adds extra convenience. The bag holds its shape well.


Such fashion trends of women’s bags as giant bags and shopper bags are a godsend for women for whom a bag is a repository of all the most necessary little things. Simple and practical large bags will replace all kinds of additional bags for a woman, but at the same time they will look very stylish. Although fashionable bags of large sizes are not very suitable for small women, it is often these fashionable women’s bags that are chosen by fragile women.

Square and rectangle are still in the top models. Tote bags, clutches, briefcases, envelopes are often made in this style. They are worn in the hands, on the crook of the elbow or on the shoulder. You need to choose their size and color in accordance with growth, features of the figure, already thought out. For the official style, a black model made of genuine leather is suitable, for everyday life – a colorful knitted version with a fringe.

In addition to the classic “squares” and “rectangles”, women’s bags of non-standard geometric shapes are now in trend. Bags in the form of a circle, semicircle, triangle, oval will become a bright accent of your wardrobe, with which you will definitely be in the spotlight. The absence of sharp corners will give your image lightness, tenderness and sensuality.

In the collection of the popular brand Herm?s, you can see the original bag shaped like a trapezoid – a ristlet. In fact, this is a clutch that can be worn on the wrist, thanks to a small strap. Such bags will be very popular in at least two upcoming seasons, not only in autumn-winter 2020-2021, but also next summer.


And Louis Vuitton insists that cylinder bags should become the leader of the 2020-2021 season. The traditional fastener of such models is a zipper, although deviations are possible. Handles are long to wear on the shoulder, or short to wear on the arm or elbow.

The bag retains its cylindrical shape thanks to a rigid frame, without which it would turn into a shapeless bag-bag. Small models look great with a pencil skirt, and large ones look great with jeans and other casual elements.

Now among the fashionable bags for women in the 2020-2021 season, you can increasingly see models of micro sizes that look, well, quite tiny. Clutches, envelopes, covers and fashionable minaudière bags have come to the taste of many women who complement their delicate look with a small, and sometimes quite tiny accessory.

An unusual stylish solution is to carry two fashionable bags of small and large sizes at the same time. This decision surprised many fashionistas, but someone liked it. Fashion trends for women’s handbags were simultaneously presented by designers with a variety of design options in bright and saturated colors.


Fashionable women’s bags 2020, made by weaving, look attractive and embossed. If you think that this style is more appropriate on the beach, then you are deeply mistaken. Leather weaving is ideal for a strict style. It is chosen by business women who want to look formal and charming at the same time. Strips of leather, intertwined, reflect light and sparkle, especially if they are glossy models. Even matte glow also looks spectacular. Bags made of leather weaving technique are classics for official outfit.

Many of the novelties of 2020 are decorated with a fancy print. And this is not only about the animalistic ornament, which has already become a classic familiar to everyone. The ornament decorating the bags in the coming year looks bizarre. These are full-fledged paintings, as on models from Burberry, and a plot illustration, like Lanvin.

You need to skillfully combine such beauty. Two options are optimal here: either give the bag the right to sole brightness, or combine it with clothes of the same print.

The leader of 2020 among prints is a cage. Burberry and Lanvin frankly confessed their love for her.


What could be more convenient than practical fashion shoulder bags. Such trendy crossbody bags have appeared in many collections of famous designers due to their versatility and convenience.

Fashionable shoulder bags are not only comfortable, but also very beautiful. Fashion designers presented models made of suede, leather, dense fabrics, decorating them with chains, clasps, and original appliqués. This trendy shoulder bag is a hit of the season for energetic fashionistas.

Round bags are a hit of youth fashion. They are sewn from denim, fur, knitwear, leather, complemented by a short handle and a long belt, decorated with fringe, beads, embroidery. Knitted and fur bags of a round shape belong to the style of country and boho.

Ideally, the image should include other round-shaped accessories, such as bracelets or earrings. I also want to match the color.


A men’s bag until recently was considered an optional item. Now it is not only a practical thing, but also a full-fledged fashion accessory that can say a lot about its owner.

Fashion trends for summer-autumn 2020-2021 suggest focusing on quality. Therefore, leather bags are back in fashion. If a couple of years ago, leading couturiers suggested paying attention to the replacement of natural materials with synthetic ones, then 2020 provides an opportunity to return to the unchanged classics, not only in forms, but also in materials. So the leather bag is once again becoming a model of high style.

Men’s handbags have gone from looking like bloated chests to looking like flat, unisex envelopes.

The fashion trend of bags for men 2020-2021 is leather backpacks-bags in the shape of a square, trapezoid, rectangle. Instead of zippers, there are stylish straps with buttons and drawstrings. The product has a design made in various styles – classic, sporty or youth style. Fashionable color scheme – black, graphite, khaki.

A new word in the world of men’s bags – belt bags behind the back and in the form of patch pockets. If they are usually worn in front, now they are worn in the back. It turns out a kind of mini-backpack. In the model from Burberry, the similarity is enhanced by shoulder straps. Now it’s more than just a fanny pack.


The most original idea is presented by an example from Off-White – a small bag in the form of two back pockets. Now even the pockets are removable: they can be transferred from one look to another!

The latest fashion trend is stylish men’s bags made of natural or faux fur. The product can be completely made of fur or its individual parts in combination with suede, leather and other materials. The male version of the product has a strict rectangular or square shape, a minimum of fittings.

Small men’s leather clutch bags and purses are still at the height of fashion. Unlike women’s clutches, they are plain, strict in form and style, concise and minimalistic.

Convenient and roomy option for every day. This season, designers are focusing on retro aesthetics: short handles, trapezoidal shape. For the manufacture of bags, smooth natural or eco-leather in calm colors is used. Tote is worn in any position (on the shoulder / in the hands).


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