What Mistakes Do You Choose When You Buy Cosmetics
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In the current situation, representatives of beauty clinics and the salon business were at a loss. When suppliers of drugs for injectable procedures leave Russia, domestic analogues are not so diverse, it becomes more difficult to maintain the devices for procedures, the players in the beauty industry ask one simple question: “What to do next?”

Answers can be obtained on April 15 at the international forum “Aesthetic Medicine of the Future. Trends-2022, organized by Skin Technology. The event is in its third year. And now, as it is impossible by the way.

Experts (including in the field of marketing) and opinion leaders will speak at the forum for market players, who will present an import substitution scheme. During the lectures, representatives of the beauty industry will receive tips on where to buy drugs, which domestic analogues are worthy of attention, how to build a business in the new realities, become more customer-oriented, and not lose regular customers.

Photo: provided by the Press Service

Photo: provided by the Press Service

The event will also tell about trends in plastic surgery and injection therapy. Which plastic surgeries will be in trend and which ones will become a thing of the past, what new methods of contouring and botulinum therapy will appear this year.

They will also pay attention to players important for the beauty market bloggers who often attract a loyal audience to projects and cosmetic brands. SMM and CEO experts will tell you how influencers can exist outside of banned social networks, which platforms to choose for their own promotion, how to attract an audience to new social networks and not lose subscribers.

Photo: provided by the Press Service

Photo: provided by the Press Service

By tradition, the forum will unfold a “corner of beauty” Beauty Corner, where you can test new cosmetics, including those from domestic manufacturers, as well as hardware procedures.

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It is expected that at the event, as always, there will be many star guests and cultural figures who are not indifferent to the topic of beauty and health.

To join the forum and learn about the future of the cosmetic industry, just follow this link, there will be a live broadcast.


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